528Hz Solfeggio – Pure Love Frequency

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528Hz of Pure Love Frequency

Everything on earth vibrates in one frequency. Frequency, in turn, produces a sound. When we resonate in the frequency of the earth and nature, we are in harmony with our lives. One such frequency is the 432 Hz and 528 Hz frequency which belong to the Solfeggio frequencies. Solfeggio is made up of the notation syllables “sol” and “fa”. To this day Solfeggio is an integral part of music lessons and the playing of music in special frequencies has a very special effect on our body and mind. So it is with the frequency of 528 Hz, which forms a special resonance in our body which is also reflected in our subtle body like the chakras and our aura layers again.

So you can also see how water resonates to different tones Dr. Masaru Emoto  showed us in his wonderful book “The Answer of the Water” how crystals change with certain frequencies and words. The body of an adult human is about 60% water, which explains the resonance of a sound from a material point of view. I’m sure you experienced those moments when you literally felt the music you heard.


528Hz – Miracle Tone | Raise Positive Vibrations | Healing frequency

Open your heart to the wonders that are happening in your life. Independently of the researchers, this has been used by ancient priests and healers in advanced civilizations to create wondrous manifestations of what is imaginable, intended, and intended.

Open your heart to the Miracles that happen in your Life. The 528 Hz Frequency is a part of the Solfeggio Musical Scale. Independently confirmed by researchers this was used by ancient priests and healers in advanced civilizations to create miraculous manifestations of what is faithfully imagined, envisioned, and intended.

528Hz is the frequency of health and longevity. It is the harmonic vibration that lifts your heart. It is the frequency of love. This Heil 528 Hz frequency helps us to flow in perfect rhythm and harmony. In addition, it will restore human consciousness to its full power and full potential.

The frequency of 528 Hz is in resonance with the solar frequency (recorded by NASA scientists). It has the same frequency as nature itself, when you stimulate and tune your body, you will be in harmony with life itself at the deepest level. This will give you a way to restore and heal your programming, your DNA. Experiments and investigations in the field of molecular biology showed that with the help of this frequency it was possible to repair a defective DNA. For a scientific confirmation, however, further experiments are needed. In natural healing medicine, this frequency is applied regularly and provides the recipient with more life energy, awakens awareness and activates intention and intuition as well as creativity. States of inner peace can also be reached. The 528 Hz frequency has tremendous potential for positively influencing life at all levels.

With regular use, the Solfeggio frequency of 417Hz can bring you change. Once you are “in tune” with this frequency, negative energy will be completely removed from your body because that vibration would not allow this negativity to remain in your body.

This will also change your environment, everything negative goes away from your house, your workplace. You will realize that your world of thought is no longer in circles and come up again and again negative thoughts, as well as you will more selectively deal with media that reflect a lot of negativity. You just do not need it anymore.

Everything will change, including your plans, which will now have a much more positive access and will run much more harmonious. The people you meet are harmoniously tuned to you and you will attract a new, more harmonious circle of friends. All the hurtful, traumatizing ones that you have experienced in the past and that are still deep within you, be it consciously or unconsciously, will now more and more fade into the background as it decreases in importance for you in your life.

In order to be in the state of harmony and in the flow of life, it is necessary to regularly use meditation with the frequency of 417Hz, regular cleansing of the sacral chakra through meditation, physical exercises that activate the sacral chakra such as yoga, tai-chi or Chi Gong.

Conscious handling of oneself, how to live and to let the joie de vivre into your life. How much free time do I allow in my life, what makes me really happy or even, could I also build that as a full-time source of income? Which people do me well, which pull me down with their negativity and drama, why do I let myself be dragged down? Do I still need that?

Ask yourself everyday the question: What could I do today that brings me more joy in life?

Yes, I want this!

Download the offline version of this recording so you can listen to it without internet.

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