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Hello, so good to see you here!

A warm-hearted welcome to Soulguidance!

Hello, I’m Christa and I’m glad you’re here. Sometimes it is necessary to travel back in time to gain clarity for the next step and be ready for the future.

Difficult living conditions, the oh so inevitable situations and hurtful events in which you find yourself, are part of your life plan. They allow you to grow, recognize and choose what you really want and what makes you happy. Many of these experiences and lived patterns in which you find yourself already have their roots in previous lives. Soul contracts were closed, beliefs taken over and parts of your soul detached.

The question that you have is, how do you get out of this? How can I reach this abundance of love, health, happiness and material security, heal my inner child, heal the mother – father topic? From these painful patterns, which I experience again and again, how can I recognize them, because it must click on you, you must understand what you are going through. What holds me back, to be rich and successful, to live a happy relationship? Why did I get this disease and can I do something to heal it and most importantly – what can I learn and recognize? All legitimate questions that we can look at in the Akashic Record and in a soul journey. To recognize, to learn, to change, to heal.

You are now on this earth, because your soul wants to grow, she wants to communicate with you. Are you ready for it? I serve as a link, a mediator between you and the spiritual world.

I am an intuitive healer with a natural talent in finding solutions for others. Through my combination of healing work and coaching, I help creative and intuitive women to release their true power and rejoin their soul path. This will bring them happiness and abundance in their lives, which in turn will have a positive effect on the world. Are you ready to step forward into your true power?

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Third Eye Open – Access to Your Intuition

Third Eye Open – Access to Your Intuition

The Third Eye allows us to look “behind the curtain”. The 6th chakra is the center of Universal Wisdom, it wants to know the truth behind everything by which we cross the boundaries of duality (transcendence).

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Signs and Symbols about your Soulmate Meditation

Signs and Symbols about your Soulmate Meditation

Everybody has got soulmates. This could be your friend or it can be your partner. Are you looking for your soulmate, have you met somebody you feel so familiar and you had such a deep feeling of trust and security with this person? Now you are not getting this “one” out of your head, or you want to know more about….in this meditation, I am guiding you to listen to the signs and symbols you get, about your soulmate. Maybe this could be your next partner?…

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