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Expert for sensitive and highly sensitive people.

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Coaching - Healing on all levels - Activate inner knowledge - Soul healing

As an expert for Sensitive and Highly Sensitive people, I show you the path into your power.

I will accompany you through your healing path – together we walk the path to your true, loving and unlimited being that you are

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Courses that bring you closer to yourself. Courses for sensitive and highly sensitive people.

Learn to trust your intuition. Learn to connect with your soul and your spirit leaders and angels. Live your spirituality every day

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Hello, so good to see you here!

A warm-hearted welcome to Soulguidance!

Hello, I’m Christa and I’m glad you’re here.

Sometimes it is necessary to travel into the past to get clarity for the next step and to be ready for the future.

Difficult circumstances in which you find yourself are part of your life plan. Your experiences allow you to grow, to recognize and to choose what you really want and what makes you happy. Many of these experiences and lived patterns in which you find yourself have their roots in your childhood and often in previous lives. Soul contracts have been concluded, beliefs taken over and soul parts replaced.

But how do you get out of it? How do you get to this abundance of love, health, happiness and material security, to heal your inner child, to heal mother – father topic? To come out of these painful patterns that you experience again and again. Only when you recognize them does it click on you. What holds you back from being rich and successful, from living a happy partnership? Why did you get this disease, what can you actively do to heal it and, most importantly, what can you learn from it? All justified questions, which we can look at in a media consultation and in a soul journey, so that you recognize what you can actively do to learn and change and thereby become whole again.

You are now on this earth because your soul wants to grow, and it wants to communicate with you. Are you ready for this? Book a coaching session or a soul healing with me.

I am an intuitive healer with a natural talent to find solutions for others. Through my combination of healing work and coaching I help creative and intuitive people to release their true power and reconnect with their soul path. This will bring them more happiness and abundance in their lives, which in turn will have a positive impact on the world. Are you ready to come into your power now?


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have reviewed my last week and it is amazing what has happened in my life in positive ways and still does. Thanks to your conversations and healing sessions I feel changed. I feel like I have a lot of strength in me, like I’m starting to believe more in myself. It is still difficult to put into words now. I hope so much that people will find you. You could do so much good and help people. It is insane how you can free a person from the inner prison in such a short time. Just – thank you, thank you, thank you.


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