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A gentle Transition into a new Era

by Sep 22, 2017Daily Card0 comments

A gentle Transition into a new Era

Today at 22:02 H CET, the fall begins in the northern hemisphere. A fresh start we can say, we are starting to get used to colder days, they are getting shorter, we also recognize the change in our body, the need for more sleep, cosiness perhaps more food or lust for sweets. Our hormones adapt, and we should be gentle with ourselves and let us take time, be patient with us and also lovingly.
You’ve been through a period of internal or external change, and you’ve reached a turning point, literally as the alternation of the day and night is happening. You are being new born, so be patient with you, be loving with you and take your time. You’ve reached so much, you can really be proud of yourself! You have an educational time and, in a positive sense, exciting time ahead of you. An important part you’ve gained is your valuable experiences that you’ve made on your way to here. Integrate them into your new life, because they’re your treasure.
Walk your new path with a lived ease and look forward to the coming time. This card shows you that you have the happiness on your side.

I’m happy for you! 💕


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