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“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself in your way of thinking.” 
― Marcus Aurelius

Work with me

So nice to see you here!

I guide you through your transformation to becoming whole with healing session and counseling. It is my concern to reawaken your perfection that you really are. I work holistically on the physical, mental and spiritual level by connecting with your soul. I lead you into your own power, so that you can recognize the healing power within you and gain access to your intuition, your best counselor. Because you are the master of your life! It is my heart’s desire to lead you into a more fulfilled and happy life full of magical moments.

Healing knows many forms

I integrate healing energy into my artistic work, guided meditations, affirmations and frequency music. Having the consciousness to let the gift of healing flow in everywhere is part of the healing work.

Through my frequency music I want to reach many people in their hearts to open them for their personal development. Away from blocking elements like fears and patterns that they no longer need. The energy of our earth changes lastingly through the transformation of each individual to a more conscious attitude towards life.


What I do

Healing, Coaching and Learning Modules that will change your life


Are you ready for the next step? Healing opens your gates so you can actively engage in the next chapter of your life.

Get Coached

Do you feel your calling, but you don’t see your path yet, let me help!


Learn step by step on how to awaken your inner goddess in my Online Academy.

Let yourself be inspired

Art, guided meditations, affirmations and meditation music with healing energies and frequencies

The Background Story:

My professional career led me from my education at the commercial school to graduate, into the travel and airline industry, where I worked for over 20 years.

Another fulfilling part of my life is my creative streak and my closeness to nature, which always gives me a lot of strength, which is why I have listed my training in this direction below.


Training and further education:


  • Astrological Psychology Basics API after Huber, Rita Keller, Zürich 2001
  • Certificate in Game Ranging, 2004 Eco Training, Nelspruit, South Africa
  • Reiki 2006, Anita Ilien-Moser, Rapperswil
  • Reiki Master 2009, Pia Kumar, Zürich
  • Diploma in animal psychology with specialization in dogs, training ATN 2008 – 2010
  • Energy Healing and connection with Crystal Healing and Energy, Dürnten
  • Energy Healing, 2011-2012, Livitra
  • Various Quantum Energy Healing Seminars at Matrix Inform
  • Intuitive life counselling courses (contact with the deceased, etc.), Zeiko Center, Zürich
  • Seminar mediality, Elvira Truttmann, Einsiedeln
  • Access to the Akashic Records, 2015 Gabrielle Orr
  • Access to the Akashic Record Course, Body Soul Center, Amara Yachour
  • Angels medium, Body Soul Center, Amara Yachour
  • Meditation leader and meditation teacher, Body Soul Center, Amara Yachour
  • Reflexology, Bodyfeet
  • Medical Massage, Bodyfeet with diploma Health Massage
  • Hypnosis Training, David Woods, Augsburg
  • Hypnosis Certificate NGH, David Woods, Augsburg
  • Access Consciousness – Access Bars & Body Process, Beate Nimsky

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