Wintersolstice 2017

On December 18. Saturn also changed to Capricorn, which will bring us more clarity into our lives, whether it be in professional matters but also in family and relationship matters. This energy will help you solve things that have been slow to date.

Your Knowledge is Needed Right Now

The Universe wants to remind you that you’re an infinite creature. You already have eons of lifetimes behind you, and now you’ve reached your time to pass on your knowledge in this life.

Daily Inspirations 10. September 2017

A dear deceased would like to assure you that everything is good with him. He accompanies you during this time and supports you. He asks you to give your concerns in his hands, because they won’t keep you going, but encourage you to stay in a situation and let you freeze.

Daily Inspirations 9. September 2017

The Spirits Oracle gave us a reassurance today that you’re on the right track. With the „Moral Support“ Card, you should know, that everything you’ve done so far to realize your plans and you want to go on like this, because everything is good as it is.

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Eine Meditation um Dein Herzchakra zu Reinigen und zu Heilen

Das Herz ist ein wichtiges Energiezentrum in Deinem Körper. Während Du mit Deiner Umgebung interagierst, verbindest Du Dich automatisch mit Deinem Herz Chakra.
Ein wichtiger Grund, Dein Chakra, und das gilt für alle Chakren, regelmässig zu reinigen um ungewollte Energien und Emotionen zu entfernen.

In meiner neuesten geführten Meditation wirst Du angeleitet, wie Du mental und energetisch Dein Herz Chakra reinigen kannst. Wie in allen meinen Meditationen, enthält auch diese Meditation Heilenergie von meinen Helfern aus dem Universum wie meinen Geistführern, Planetarischen Führern, Erzengel und Feen.

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