Solfeggio Frequencies

Our body and mind resonate with the sounds of frequencies as well as words and emotions of others. Solfeggio frequencies vibrate in our cells and organs, sometimes causing miracles. Read in this Article how you can manifest your own miracles in your life.

528Hz Album

Open your heart to the Miracles that happen in your Life. Enjoy this Album with 528 Hz Binaural Beats Love Frequency.


528Hz Solfeggio – Pure Love Frequency

528Hz of Pure Love Frequency Everything on earth vibrates in one frequency. Frequency, in turn, produces a sound. When we resonate in the frequency of the earth and nature, we are in harmony with our lives. One such frequency is the 432 Hz and 528 Hz frequency which...

Five Tips to Having a Successful Meditation

What is a guided meditation? Do I need a guided meditation at all? These and other questions are being asked frequently and my answer to this question is that it varies from person to person.

Fullmoon March 12th 2017

Fullmoon inhabits many life changing qualities and life is about change all the time. Fullmoon can stand for fulfilment but also new insights and awareness. At the time, when the moon stands at its highest and fullest point in the sign of virgo, another sign stands to the opposite, the sign of Pisces

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Rauhe Nächte – Ritual in the magic time of Christmas

Rauhe Nächte exists since hundreds of years and originates from ancient germanic traditions. This time during Christmas where the nights are very cold which means “rauhe Nächte” in German roughly translated, is very important to lay new energy into the future year. The Tradition of Rauhe Nächte must not be ancient, as you can see it as a time to let go of the old or what you no longer need for your future and to walk your path into future fully aware of what is to come, and what you want to manifest.

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Time to swipe out the old and welcome the new in your life

The end of the year is the time to ruminate about the past year and your life. Your losses and successes but also your desires that are still bubbling in your energy field. I want to talk with you a bit about a Germanic Tradition where you call these specific nights the “Rauhnächte”. These 12 nights in december are very powerful and because of the specific energy that is existing around this time, you can use them to form your reality for the next year even more easier.

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Meditation Techniques – Find out what suits you best

One of the most frequently asked questions about meditation techniques is the best or the most effective way of meditation. In order to be successful with meditation, it needs to be simple, comfortable, relaxed to show the full benefits of the practice.

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Meditate in the Morning

What can morning meditation give you? We all have our routines to start our day, but maybe you want to add meditation to brighten your day! Find out how you can increase your self awareness with your small morning meditation.

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