How do Silent Subliminals affect you?

How do Silent Subliminals affect you?

How do Silent Subliminals affect your subconscious?

Subliminals are increasingly on everyone’s lips, but especially for the single users on YouTube, they are in great demand.But what exactly are Silent Subliminals and where can they support you?

What can Silent Subliminals do?

  • Change habits
  • Change deep-seated thinking patterns
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Strengthen awareness
  • Change beliefs

….and much more. You can imagine, when you start changing your old believe system it’s like a rat’s tail. So you work on this thought patterns that have been programmed since childhood by parents, relatives, teachers, etc. or even taken over from other lives and erase them so to speak. Now you have a blank page in front of you and can start fresh and realize your ideas and thinking pattern on this new matrix. It all sounds as easy as I write it, but it should be understandable so I kept it easy. Through this positive new world of thought, you maybe meet other people, the “right”ones at the right time for your project etc. and so it goes on. Finally, it may be that you live the life that you imagined a few years or months ago :).

The important thing is that you open yourself to what is coming – so be open and receptive.

What you should consider when listening to Silent Subliminals

You’ve probably heard of affirmations, and maybe you’ve already used them. Only the stupid thing is, for example, if you would say an affirmation like, “I am a billionaire today” or “I have 5 children” because that is your wish, it could be that a small voice in you says that can not be, not tomorrow, but but but… The subconscious mind sometimes plays a trick on you with programming with affirmations, especially with “unrealistic” things, because what is reality and what is your reality? But now I am getting philosophical.

If you listen to a silent subliminal, then you do not consciously hear the spoken word. This is because the frequency is set too high for a normal adult ear. However, children and animals can hear these affirmations, so pay attention to the volume!

When I mix the Silent Subliminals into my healing videos, I look for the fact that the affirmations are not unrealistic but achievable. However, since there are no conscious blocks from the listener, the affirmations are much more effective. It may even be that the affirmations, which you have not consciously heard, are buzzing around in your head and you are wondering where they’re coming from.

Again, I can’t stress this out enough, pay attention to the volume, even if you can not hear the spoken text, it can literally wiggle your ears when the sound is turned up too loud. You may also have a headache after listening too loud to the Silent Subliminals. Just as you should pay attention to the tolerable amount for you, which can also lead to a headache. My recordings, as well as most of the ones you find on YouTube, are accompanied by background music and high frequencies like Binaural Beats and or Solfeggio and Ryfe Tones. These are all healing frequencies to your brain and your body reacts very effectively to them. So do not listen too loud, because the frequencies are tuned in a harmonic way to the Silent Subliminals in my videos.

Programming the subconscious might be familiar for you from the marketing industry sectors. Looking at an ad on tv for a product that you like, can lead automatically to an icreased flow of saliva. What comes to my mind is the classical conditioning of a dog by Pavlov.

Originally the Silent Subliminals have been patented by the US Army and are only recently open to the public.

What does Science say about Silent Subliminals

Silent Subliminals have a positive effect on the memory, research showed that you could even shorten your stay in school.

For those who would like to know more about Silent Subliminals and their effectiveness, I have found this research publication.

Some background information about my production.

My silent subliminal affirmations can be read in my videos, where I put them into the video. It may be that I go on talking, then it is a healing session that happens through me with my Universal Helpers of Light like angels and spirit guides. The spoken affirmations are adjusted to the length of the entire clip, you hear them more than once.

Buy a Silent Subliminal Production in my Shop.

Would you like to have your own personalized Silent Subliminal?

Looking forward to hear from you a feedback on your first small and big steps in your life through my Silent Subliminals!

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What happens when I have negative energies or entities on me?

What happens when I have negative energies or entities on me?

Having negative energy in you is like having a parasite which feeds from your energy. It drains you out and uses you.

They can make you feel depressed and can lead you into a self-destructive behavior and you can fall into addictions. You can feel angry, sad, confused, hateful, greedy, jealous, manipulative, judgmental or fearful or it can feed your low self-esteem which even makes you feel much more miserable most of your life.

Having the experience, that you never get to your desired success in your life, whatever you start doing, something is holding you back on and on in so many ways. No matter if it was the recurring sicknesses, might be as small as they are, but still they drain your energy, or through your environment that makes you feel dis empowered

This MP3 has been produced to remove the negative energies and all its subcategories. It is a blend of Binaural Beats, Solfeggio Tones and Subliminal Affirmations. I have included Light Language and the Healing Intention of removing the negative energies, entities and terrestrial and extraterrestrial implants as well as filling the new empty space with light and loving energy.

You will gain back your natural beat frequency which will show in your life as a step by step healing.

I am open and willing to receive the healing coming from this recording
I am love and light energy
Perfect health is my divine right and I claim it now
I radiate energy and health

I remove the energy of negative entities and energy now and all the light beings will support me in this process.
All the negative entities and energies are removed from my body, my system, aura and light body with my love and light beam, now!
I am now free of all negative entities and energies. They are taken into the light.

I am love and light energy.
My frequency vibration is higher now that I am free of the energy that I no longer need.
I feel so uplifted and free.
I feel so much in ease and joy.

I am aware of that change of my vibration
To keep my frequency high, I will take care of my energy field every day
With daily meditation, high energy vibration food and the correct amount of water for my body
Drinking water flushes all the negative energies, that I no longer need, out of my body
I am that I am Christ consciousness
I am that I am Christ love
I am love
I Live out of Love and higher Light vibration
I am capable to lead my life successfully.
I am a powerful light being
I am safe and protected by Archangel Michael.
I will call on Archangel Michael and my personal spiritual Guide whenever I need them.
I will call upon the Angels, Fairies, Elves and Ascended Masters whenever I need support, and they are happy to guide me

I follow my very own intuition and the guidance of my higher self
I can trust my intuition as my guidance through life
I am protecting myself from harmful and negative energies every day with my best tools.
Only positive energy out of love and light is entering my system from now on.
My life is a positive experience, and I am letting wonderful and loving people into my life
I am high vibration
My mind, body and spirit operate in perfect harmony
I love exercising and I take good care of my body
I get good sleep every night and I get up fresh every morning.
I eat healthy, I stay healthy

All terrestrial and extraterrestrial implants are removed from my system now, in all my dimensions, time layers and existences
I send an immense beam of love and light into this process of the removal of the implant, as strong as an atomic bomb

I am now free of all implants from the past the present and the future and for all times and dimensions

I am safe of all terrestrial and extraterrestrial implants

I love myself and I am perfectly healthy
all past problems dissolve with ease

It is safe to grow up
All of life comes to me with ease, joy and happiness

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How Distant Healing works as an Effective Alternative Therapy – Part 4

How Distant Healing works as an Effective Alternative Therapy – Part 4

This Article is Part 3 of 4 Articles

Energy Healing happens with the law of Attraction

Did you ever hear about the law of attraction? It works as what you think becomes and will manifest in your life.

The same can be explained on a scientific level. From physics, we know that all things vibrate. Everything is energy. Newton’s Law of motion says, that when two objects meet, they will synchronize. This is very well explained in the double split experiment of quantum physics and there are dozens of great videos that you can see on youtube about this topic.

So, no matter how fast one object is, it will adapt or decelerate to the one slower and the one that is slower will speed up until the two synchronize with each other. This process is called ‘entrainment’ mostly takes only up to a couple of minutes.

If they have established a communication, their vibration will speed up from their synchronized meeting level.

Imagine this all happens in your body, the vibration in your cells will increase and it will increase in all parts of your body, your nerve cells, energetic circulation of the tissues and the muscle nerve cells.

This all brings your whole system, which is in a stagnant phase, shaken through at first, which will help your body systems to increase their vibration. Your conditioned behavior will now have the ability to change and adapt to a healthier degree of leading your life. With this process, the client will be able to change their thoughts which will improve their life in a consistent way.

The more a treated has the ability, and with the help of the healer, to go into a state of quieted mind, the better it will be to work on this person and the results of change.

When we are looking at Newtons’s law of motion, it can be said, that the best results will be received, if the healer has received a healing by himself. Has the healer received healing and improved their vibration, he can significantly improve the energetic vibration of the other individual.

How Does Energy Healing Work?

An energy healer works on the energetic level of your body. He will look at where there is an imbalance in the energetic flow. This can be your chakras and your aura. All the imbalances that we carry around can sooner or later manifest in the body.

They can be coming from early childhood, from your ancestors, the surroundings you are living in, like thoughts from others passing by, your parents and finally from your thoughts.

An imbalance in the Chakras can be looked at and with the help of this knowledge can be worked on.

Much of what we carry around is coming from our belief system and from our emotional awareness.

A healer works as a channel increasing your vibration. It is you, that has to allow the healing to happen. You will see the manifestation of the healing step by step mostly, but there are occurences, when an instant healing has happenend. This all depends on your free will and what you have saved in your systems.

How is Distant Healing Done?

 As energy healing heals on an energetic level, there is no limit to overcome. It doesn’t matter if you are on another continent. Healing happens the same way as explained above in this article. To contact somebody previously, in order to have him in a relaxed state of mind, can be helpful though.

There are different ways to work on a person, as there are various ways of healing such as Reiki, Quantum Healing, Theta Healing etc. This means every Therapist will work differently. If you have made or want to make experiences with many different healing techniques, don’t be astonished, if you encounter these variations in techniques.

 As a reference, a unique ‘identifying’ source vibration, such as a photo, name, geographical location, birth date or an object the person once held, can be taken.

 The intention of the healer is the final necessity to work on you. As time doesn’t exist in the universe and only in our reality, the healer can work on the past, present and future time.

Some people feel highly energized after the healing session and very “light”. This is because of the higher vibration they’re in.This all depends on the sensitivity of the receiver of the healing energy and has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the energy.


Advantages of Distant Energy Healing

When in contact with a person locally, there is more resistance to being healed. Being physically touched creates reactions and resistance itself. It is hard for people to fully relax and be meditative while being physically touched and in the presence of another person. Distance healing can be much stronger than in person energy healing, because a person can relax more. When there is contact at a distance, there is much less personal resistance thus the body vibration can rise much higher as the person is not diverting any energy to ‘protect themselves’ and healing is more effective. A second reason why distance healing can be stronger than in person healing is the healer can maintain a deeper state of concentration and state of quiet mind, because there are fewer distractions, resulting in a higher level of vibration, which has more healing potential.

Distance healing can be very effective for healing all kinds of problems such as headaches, colds, helping people recover from operations or traumatic events, preventing illness, boost energy when facing stressful events, healing past events, healing pets and healing any kind of mental, emotional or physical problem. It is also very effective to increase self-awareness level, so distance healing is useful for any spiritual seeker who wants to increase their awareness level. Every day distance healing is becoming more widely accepted into mainstream viewpoints about its effectiveness as more people experience it’s benefits. Energy healing is a skill I encourage everyone to sample, learn, explore, and bring into their daily life for maintaining vibrant health and acute awareness.


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How Distant Healing works as an Effective Alternative Therapy – Part 3

How Distant Healing works as an Effective Alternative Therapy – Part 3

This Article is Part 3 of 4 Articles

Healing can take place with an increased Energy Level

Many alternative therapies and treatments alter the level of our energy into higher vibrations. During a Massage, our body can rest and our muscle tension decreases, which can help in the healing process. There are many therapeutic treatments like Hypnosis, Reiki and other forms of Healing, where you are able to dive into a deep relaxation, Craniosacral Therapy, Osteopathic Therapy or have you tried a Access Bars Treatment? Many more Treatments exist that are not mentioned here.

Sleep does recover you every night

Sleep is a form of natural healing for us, during this time, our whole body system is being recovered as all of our body functions are working in a slower rhythm than in an awakened state. Our Vibration is in a Delta wavelength which can also be reached through meditation and hypnosis.

Have you ever heard about Binaural Beats?

They aim at the stimulation of your brainwaves with the desired wavelength like gamma, beta, alpha, theta, delta, the all support a different stimulation to our brain from awake and learning supportive to the deepest level of relaxation in a trance level meditation. More about Binaural Beats are written in this article. If you want to try out the binaural beats and how your body reacts on it, you can download a short binaural beats mediation music here. So when we sleep, our body reorganizes, which is the reason for our dreams when we sleep. This whole process brings us into a higher vibration.

Increasing your Vibration can also be done by eating high level food and supplements will support a detoxification process. With high level food, I mean the less processed the higher the vibration, organic nutrition is mostly vibrating on a higher level when you look at an animal product where the animals are being held in a natural environment, where as animals with little living space will have much more stress hormones in their body. Alcoholic beverages will open up your body for lower energies as well as an increased intake of sugar products. Nothing speaks against having a glass of wine or beer or whatever you prefer as well as some nice treat from time to time, it is all a matter of quantity which makes the quality. The higher your vibration will be, the less your body and mind will crave for these low level products, this is the easiest way to change your habits.

Your body will gain extra elasticity in your muscle fibers which will help our body to increase the efficiency of the nervous energy moving through our body. Doing sports will increase the level of “happy making” hormones in your body like serotonin and dopamine, your stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin will decrease. Only 20 minutes easy running will get you to this point, where you can get access to a higher vibration.

How does Distant Healing work - part 3


Increasing our Vibration will change our conditioned pattern

When we participate in any of these methods that help us increasing our vibration, our conditioned pattern of use of energy will be changed. Our mind comes to a standstill for a moment and healing in mind happens, where the root of the problems lie. The mind will be reorganized which allows us to move energy blocks and physical healing can take place.

In a therapy, this can take place, when your mind goes still for a longer time or over a regular time. When the body works on a lower level of vibration it is possible, that your body will only repair the damages of the day during sleep and degeneration can take place. Regular Meditation practice can support the increasing of the vibration of your body. When we detach from our mind, and our mind-voice does not entertain our personality, healing can take place immediately. To entertain our personality with our mind-voice, we need a lot of energy which is ready to increase our vibration, when we cease that flow. Not only an acceleration of our vibration can take place but also self-realization can be reached easier.

During the process of a regular meditation, you will get more clarity with the increased level of vibration. When we get still, there is no sense of time and we have reached the speed of light. When we are as one, transformation from matter to energy physically happens. When we attach to the energy of a healer at a healing session or a distance healing session, we are being put in this still state that causes healing and transformation.

The Universe gave us the capability to heal ourselves

Energy is everywhere around us and in us. We all have access to this energy and are capable of using it. Why shouldn’t we, as an unlimited being not be able to heal ourselves? Times are over, when we needed to go to a Guru or when only a few people got access to the universal truth.

When we access awareness through meditation and other forms of quieting our mind, we can better detach from the physical world and understand the wholeness of our being. This gives us the ability to see our existence from a larger point of view

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How Distant Healing works as an Effective Alternative Therapy- Part 2

How Distant Healing works as an Effective Alternative Therapy- Part 2

Distant Healing – How the Manifestation of wanted and unwanted works

This Article is Part 2 of 4 Articles

How do we “Create” our Diseases ?

We learned in the former Article , that everything in the Universe is expansion. The more the Universe expands, the faster the energy. We are all part of the energy and everything around us is moving faster and faster, this is part of our evolution. Our Planet is about to move into another field of vibration and we are a part of it. Evolution means that everything is change, every day. Every morning when you get up, you live change. You are not the same as the day before, your cells tell you the truth. Even though this is not visible for you every day, but only as time goes by. If you hold on to how and who you are you stop your evolutionary process. The process of allowing disease into your body starts with your decision to stop changing, thriving and growing. It is denying the process of evolution or with other words you hold on tight to a certain part of you and your life and you are not willing to adapt to life and the law of the universe – the evolution.

This causes our energy field stress, fear, violence and illness as you resist the receiving of the healing and transformative energy.

Receiving and Believing in the Healing Energy

The higher the energy vibrates, the more we get sick if we deny the evolutionary process within us. If we decide to stop following the path of evolution, we will slowly deploy our end of this path in the current lifetime.

But energy is capable to heal us instantly if we allow it and as with other things in life the very important part also is believing in the healing you receive. When you experience a healing, your self will grow into higher awareness. Usually this will happen step by step and all depends of how much your soul decides that you as a human being are capable to adapt and receive in this life. It is a learning process into consciousness.

The different Facets of our Existence

Our body is part of the vibrating energy that makes us a part of the energy soup that I mentioned earlier. Most of the vibration that we are is non visible and called our soul. Our body vibrates on a different level than our non visible part. The lower our physical level of vibration is, the lower the flow of higher energy will flow through our body. The result is less awareness of what is happening around us and in our life and more diseases in our body. Our physical aspect is not representable for our higher self, it gives us an idea of how high we vibrate and of how capable we are in manifesting things. Our higher self is connected with the source of all energy and therefore in a high level vibration. The possibility to connect with our higher self gives us the ability to heal ourselves and others. With the connection of our higher self we put our attention away from our physical manifestation and this process allows us to heal.

How creating Blockages prevent us from Healing Energy

We start to manifest and create our life even before birth, as an example, when you hear something or words when you are in your mothers body, that are not spoken in a lovingly and caring energy, this can be a moment of creation of a blockage. It can create an experience of fear which will lead to an unconscious fear in future lifetimes. You can even “load” programs from other life experiences you had in another life.



We condition ourselves with these experiences. These conditionings end up to a reaction in our body and in time will manifest in form of sickness. We experience many forms of blockages every day on a subconscious level. We prevent our body from a painful experience in the past which is transferred to the body in our muscles, skeleton or our organs. In our hectic lives we accumulate stress and muscle tension, and do not know how to release it daily.

We inherit genetic diseases which is due to self evolution and evolutionary processes of human kind. We can even – and this more than you think – take over sickness from other peoples energy as a form of evolutionary process and in order to convert it for all of us and our planet.

Remember, the more we connect with our higher self and allow healing into our physical manifestation the higher our energy will vibrate. Since we are all connected to the source energy, we are capable of healing ourselves, our family, friends, neighbors, the town or city, country we live in, the continent and the world.

We are all coming from one “Energy Soup” – why do we still insist on being separated from everyone else on this planet?

Christa Fossati hat sich schon immer für Spiritualität interessiert. Wenn sie nicht gerade in ihrem Blog schreibt, bietet sie Energieanwendungen bei Mensch und Tier an. Auch Access Bars® – und Hypnose Sitzungen und Akasha Chronik Konsultationen können bei ihr gebucht werden unter:

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Quantum Healing – An effective form of healing practice

Quantum Healing – An effective form of healing practice

How can you get support with Quantum Healing

If we talk about Quantum Healing, we have to understand how quantum energy works. I am not a physician and this topic is very complex. What I think is very understandable are the videos of Dr. Quantum, which are available on The video of the double slid experiment will take you closer to the quantum physics. I found another video on youtube for you:


The double slit experiment



What is Quantum Energy?

Quantum and Photones belong to the smallest parts of matter the rest is information and light. In fact the matter is 99.99999 % of nothing and this nothing but light and information.

How can we then be so dense and tangible, our body, the trees, the animals everything that we see and therefore most of us only believe in? One must be a big believer, some of you might think…to believe in “beyond”.
Well yes, why not, why not trying out something, that goes far beyond the horizon of human kind’s mind.

But now, let’s go to Quantum Healing…..

Everybody lives his own reality. When you compare brothers and sisters and how they tell you about their childhood and how they see it, you will recognize the difference of their perception to see the world they live in.

Why does everybody live in a different reality, who creates this reality?

You create your own reality by a morphogenetic field, you can see them as magnetic harddisks. You gather information in form of experiences during your lifetime and save them. You create your reality day by day with your free will, with your focus onto something and with your emotions, that emerge from what you want.

You are always able to recall your experience and the connected emotions, no matter if they were good or bad. With the help of the morphogenetic field, you can access to certain situations that are alike, you meet the people with similar morphogenetic fields, you act like a magnet. You can do this fully aware, but most of humans are rather unconscious in terms of reality creation.Domino Effect

When you get into the state, where you realize that you are the creator of your own reality, you maybe want to change some situations that are no longer required and want to be changed. Hypothetically you can do this with a finger snip, but human brain needs a bit longer to realize the ability to change, and the long kept habits and life pattern take some time to change.

With the help of Quantum Energy, that will access this morphogenetic field in a higher dimension, you are able to change what is safed on „your Harddisk“, that is no longer needed. It can support you where you get stuck and can make some things easier.

So you will send a „wave“of quantum energy into that morphogenetic field, for a change of whatever you wish to change for in that moment of your life. With the change of one morphogenetic field that you live in, other fields will change too, I want to call this the “Domino Effect” to clearly give you an idea of how this would look.

Example of a morphogenetic field

When you are feeling bad and got out of bed left fooded, everything goes wrong, you missed the alarm, your toast burns to black at breakfast, you missed the bus, your boss is angry about you for something you even didn’t do, a friend calls you to have another good cry on your shoulder…..etc.


Positive example could be: You met somebody fantastic last weekend, it seems that you are falling in love, you will meet him/her again today, people are greeting you on the street even if you don’t know them, parking lot is quite full but you find a space, you are shopping for something and find the last offer, your boss brings you coffee and commends your good work…

With a growing awareness to your morphogenetic field and to work on your own energy field, you can literally change your life.

What are the effects of Quantum Healing ?

We talked about how Quantum Energy can heal your body, your emotions and your life. I want to show you, what in depth you can work on.

The Relationship to Yourself

The Relationship to Yourself is probably the most important that you can have in your lifetime. And to get to know yourself is a lifetime process, sometimes crisis is a good „process supporter“, but there are other, easier ways ( it doesn’t have to be hard) to get to know how you are ticking. Try to meditate*, do your sorts of hobby and live mindful every day, more and more. Human Kind is a „group animal“ and in groups we learn, by interacting with each other we learn best who we are. Using Quantum Healing as an accelerator can support this process, what you need is the will to work on yourself actively and the openness for what comes.

The Relationship to Others

The Relationship to Others – look at your relationships to your partner, your kids, parents and best friends, your next related people, look at who you meet day by day. Is this get together with others satisfying to you? Do you feel understood and do you understand the opposite. What kind of emotions do you get during social interactions? As I said, you will learn so much from yourself by interacting with people, getting to know them and taking them as they are. The tolerance and love to the other person can be a long path to be learned step by step usually and the relationship and knowledge of yourself plays a big role in that game. Quantum Healing helps you to change parts of your personal life, including the relationship to others, to the outside world. Everything gets into change step by step, as soon as you get ball rolling.

The Relationship to Money

The Relationship to Money – Money is neutral in its vibrations, our emotions and what we do with it changes the vibration to what it is for you. We are stamped by our parents and school, the social structure and environment. This can bring many blockages in various parts of our mindset. Some may be in your awareness and you have a wish to change them. If so, how do you want to change it to a more positive way of thinking, to positive vibrations that don’t block your happiness and fullness? These blockages can lead to further blockages in your life, you even can lose the path to your life plan. You can transform so much by only changing your mindset. With the help of Quantum Energy you can even work faster, it is like the first stone is thrown and others will follow in a positive way.

You can connect to old Knowledge

Old Knowledge can be tapped, think about the intelligence of Einstein or Stephen Hawking, or a great heart of a writer like Khalil Gibran, Goethe or Walt Whitman and how they bring these words to paper, or get some positive qualities of Bill Gates. The list can be endless and knowledge can also be like an old social structure knowledge of a nation or indigenous people that existed in the past or still do exist. This might sound pretty daring for some of you, but hey mostly everything is nothing but vibrations. I can tell from my very own perspective of what I experienced when doing the tapping into others vibrations Quantum Energy. For this point I best vibrated to somebody I vibrated maybe in similarity. It was an odd feeling, when I got this vibrations of a famous, deceased german healer that I even didn’t hear about before. I felt that powerful energy he had.[/learn_more]

Get back to your Life plan

Get back to your Life Plan, when you have lost the way and tap into a crisis, however deep this will be. You feel like you are stuck, everything slows down in your life, maybe goes wrong. You are searching for something, something is missing, can be better or must be changed in your life. That you have lost the way or some parts of a way in the life plan can be felt through your emotions. Using Quantum Healing can give you different tools to get back to your life plan. Step by step to new ideas that will open up on your way, emotions will lead you to your life plan.

It is important, that you understand, that you have to work on your wellbeing, on your way back to your felt wholeness.

Quantum Healing – as well as all healing forms like Reiki or Energy Healing– is a process. This process will most probably be supported by a coach/quantum healer and if you take training classes, by your trainer. You will get into many different levels of emotions, from rage to sadness and all in between or maybe you experience all in a calm state, this doesn’t mean that the energy doesn’t work, everyone is so different and the experience of the emotions are therefore different. With your will to change something, to believe in the healing energy, to trust your way and take the given support, you can move something in your life.

This movie can open your mind to what is reality and maybe answer some questions for you.

If you want to learn more about this topic, I can recommend the movie: “What the Bleep do we know?” where designated scientists talk about quantum energy. Let yourself be surprised, what they all talk about.


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