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Daily Card Reading

by | Aug 30, 2017 | Daily Card | 0 comments

Hello my dear ones, today the Archangels have spoken to us, I have drawn a card from the Archangel Oracles Set of Doreen Virtue. Out came “harmony in relationships”
With all the changes that are happening around us and in us at this time, there are also many conflicts that are in need  dissolving now. This time opens many hearts or spiritually seen, the heart chakra will be open and harmonized. If you have a long-lasting conflict with someone who is very close to you, then visualize yourself with this person in conversation and in the dissolution of the different views and conflicts. Even if you can not imagine this person at the moment with a co-operation, the energy will flow to her/him. Try to use the best possible way and in your way to activate the power of imagination. Most people would like to live in harmony and peace, and this is probably true for the other person too. Everyone suffers in his own way in such a situation. Enclose yourself and live in contact with this person in harmony and peace but also with everything around you in this harmony that you want to have in your relationships. You increase your vibration and draw this energy into your life.
Archangel Raguel helps you to bring peace and harmony into interpersonal relationships. Ask him for support and he will create that energy to bring you healing.

I wish you a peaceful and harmonious day!




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