Daily Inspirations for 19. September 2017

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Achieving goals also brings change and farewell to what you’ve been living with. Remember the beautiful times you’ve had. See you and all those who were involved in your past with love. It’s important that you see yourself with love, because everything you’ve experienced in the past and done was the way that brought you into what you are right now. See the beauty in your life that you created, also see the beauty around you and draw it into your life. This allows you to look into this world with an open heart and to see in everything the beauty of the creation of God and all that has its place in this world. Allow yourself to do something good today, give yourself love, be it by giving you a little but valuable break today and listening to your favourite music with your favorite tea in your hand, or you have a massage, a walk in nature etc .. From today on give love to you every day, because when you are in harmony with yourself, you are ready to pass this love to this world. We are currently in a time of change, the energy on the earth is raising more and more, many people are being shaken by this change of energy. That’s why it’s immensely important, dear light worker, that you give love to this world. Now you might think, wow, that’s too much for me – the whole world – it’s very simple, start with you and let this love flow into your next environment. Imagine everyone would do this on this planet.

“every drop makes an ocean”

I love you all! 💖😊


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