Daily Inspirations for your Soul 13. September 2017

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Hello dear soul…
The Soul Cards by James Van Praagh should give us a deeper insight into ourselves. What does my soul want, how can I enrich my sould and thereby enrich me?

Today we are going to deal with the “Success” Card. What do we think of the word success? What’s this about in your life? What does success mean to you? Does it mean to have a great car, a big house or even more? Or does it mean to be able to rally many friends. There is nothing said against all of this, and I’m glad if you can manifest all of what you want to regarding the material needs in your life. But what makes your heart beat so fast? So much, that you think you can fly and you can’t get the laughter out of your face anymore… when you feel love!
For your partner, dog or cat, when you look at the laughter of your child or any child or think of your parents, relatives and friends, and enjoy the moments with them. Looking forward to the beautiful moments in your life and enjoying it, you feel such a deep gratitude to be here on this earth, when you have such beautiful moments.

Your soul doesn’t care how many great cars you have in the garage, or if you’ve created an empire. As long as you had and have enough moments of love.
Can give the people and animals around you love and receive love.
You appreciate the diversity of this earth, in nature and what it can give you.

Let’s live this success. 💖

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