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You are here to lead a life full of happiness! So let’s get started – shall we?

What else is there in life? Is there something that I can do to change my life and to create my life? You maybe asked questions like these yourself. Maybe you have gone a long path in learning new things, maybe you had to learn from the ever coming back escaped ways. Whatever it was and whatever it is that brought you here isn’t important. You are here to restart your life into another dimension of experiencing your life and to lay your pathway the way you want.

I am so looking forward to getting to know you and to supporting and accompany you on your way!


Access Consciousness

Access Bars – uncreate everything that is unnessesary in your life, read more…

Spoken Meditations

Find my spoken Meditation with Binaural Beats in Youtube. Find information about Meditation here…

Angel Work

Angels support us when we ask them. They are very powerful and are here to help us in our life. I am working with the angels for years now and I am very grateful for their love that they are bringing to us humans. More….

Energy Work

Energy Work – from Healing Sessions to Aura Clearing and Energising your Chakras, Healing Circles for you, your Soulpartner, Karmic Releases. See more here….

The latest from the Blog

Refresh your Mind with Meditation Bag

SoulguidanceArt on Zazzle. Every Day Bag with inspirational Quote – maybe for your next Beach Holidays? Come and visit us on zazzle.com

Signs and Symbols about your Soulmate Meditation

Everybody has got soulmates. This could be your friend or it can be your partner. Are you looking for your soulmate, have you met somebody you feel so familiar and you had such a deep feeling of trust and security with this person? Now you are not getting this “one” out of your head, or you want to know more about….in this meditation, I am guiding you to listen to the signs and symbols you get, about your soulmate. Maybe this could be your next partner?…

Quantum Healing – An effective form of healing practice

You create your own reality by a morphogenetic field, you can see them as magnetic harddisks. You gather information in form of experiences during your lifetime and save them. You create your reality day by day with your free will, with your focus onto something and with your emotions, that emerge from what you want.

How Distant Healing works as an Effective Alternative Therapy – Part 1

How does distant energy healing work and does it work at all. How can it be that someone at the other side of the planet can help you by sending you healing energy? I take you from the beginning of all and how the universe works up to our momentary evolution to find a valid explanation about all of these questions we have about energy.

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