Find New Love – Attract your Perfect Soulmate

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Everybody has Soulmates. They can be incarnated but also support you in a non bodily form. A soulmate relationship is a very healing and transforming relationship. It is a very deep connection between you and your soulmate.

This recording includes Solfeggio Frequencies of 417 Hz, 528 Hz and 639 Hz and Love Frequencies Binaural Beats.

Silent Affirmations and Healing Frequency.

Attract your Soulmate

This recording supports you in the healing of love, partnership, relationships.
My intention with this recording “Find Your Love – Attract Your Perfect Soulmate” is that you receive a lot of love from everywhere in your life.

Contained in the recording are healing frequencies, subliminal affirmations and a healing session. Binary frequencies work best when heard with headphones.

I recommend listening to this recording daily for at least 30 days or more, or if your intuition tells you to hear it.

Yes, I want this!

Download the offline version of this recording so you can listen to it without internet.

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