Five Tips to Having a Successful Meditation

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25. August 2018

Five Tips to Having a Successful Meditation

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Five Tips to Having a Successful Meditation

The satisfaction and pleasure you derive from a perfect meditation can be an awesome experience.
Meditation has been widely regarded as being hard and challenging. However, this notion is not entirely true because meditation has been proven to be easy once it is done under necessary conditions.
The meditation capability of young Buddhists has shown that even the young can learn meditation successfully.
tips you must observe.

Peaceful Scenery

If you want to engage your mind in meditation, a peaceful scenery is the first condition you need to have. No matter the duration of your meditation, having the right kind of environment where you will be able to focus perfectly and avoid external disturbance is the first condition you must satisfy. Any disturbance will set you off the track.

The perfect environment does not necessarily need to be a big place. You can perform a meditation successfully in your office restroom or even a walk-in toilet.

One of the best places to have an outside meditation is under a cool tree.

Be In a Perfect Posture for you

A perfect posture is another important condition necessary for having a good meditation.

Bad postures can lead to an interference with your breathing and can also cause uneasiness. The comfort of the body is directly related to the comfort of the mind. If you want to have a good meditation, ensure you are in a perfect posture.

Sometimes, you may have to go through different postures before you can discover the one that is best suited for you. Whether you enjoy crossing your legs or sitting down on the chair, follow the pattern that suits you most.

Wearing good clothes is also very essential to being perfectly comfortable during your meditation sessions. You should consider wearing light clothes and also put off your shoes.

Try Breathing Meditation

Breathing meditation is one of the most widely used among meditation techniques. If you notice that you are getting carried away with thoughts, start counting your breath though not for a long time. A natural breath is one of the key steps to perfectly training your mind. Don’t try to control your breath whenever you are having a meditation, let it be natural.


Though meditation can be performed with your eyes closed or open, it highly recommended for beginners or people who are just trying to perfect their meditation skills to start with closing their eyes so as to avoid visual sights that can cause distraction.

With closed eyes, you will be able to focus on your meditation.

As you perfect your meditation skills, you can try opening your eyes especially when you are feeling sleepy. Just don’t focus your opened eye on any particular thing.

Calm your Mind

This is very important for beginners. Before you start meditating, it is advisable that you free yourself from all thoughts and problems. There are various techniques such as affirmations “All problems resolve for me with ease” or “I take the time for me now” the latter can also be thought of as programming. After all, it takes a healthy lifestyle to take some time for yourself, because when you are rested and fit, you can best help your loved ones.

However one can put oneself into a state of rest, it does not do any good to meditate with rattling thoughts. Maybe you also help thinking of passing clouds and to pack the thoughts in there.

A small tip would also be, if you are awake at night, instead of annoying and getting even more nervous and excited, try to do a meditation. In this meditation you can get in touch with your spirit guide …

Final Thoughts

Being successful in meditation is not a one time success experience and will certainly not come over night. This all depends on the persons ability – exceptions excluded, there are always natural talented for everything! It all depends on your mood and the ability to letting go in the moment of meditation. Meditation can be seen as an exploration of your inner self, the more you get in contact with your soul, the more interesting it gets.

Wishing you heaps of fun with this “exploration adventure” to your inner worlds.

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