Free yourself from negative pattern and cords

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Free Yourself from negativ pattern and cords

Past relationships can also determine our current life the same as the relationships we are now leading. In both cases, there can be connections that have been caused by fears. Through these cords you can feel tired and drained and increased anxiety can take possession of you, but you can also create aggression and you don’t even recognize yourself again. Let these connecting cords go, neither you or your beloved ones take profit. You can do that in which you ask Archangel Michael or the universe or the spiritual world to cut down all the cords with destructive patterns and free you. Don’t worry, no strings of love can be cut. With the severing of these negative strings, you’ll even get a much more positive connection to your partner, parents, relatives and friends. As soon as you feel any fear in you, you can do this exercise again. Some people are also much more receptive to the emotions of others such as empath and intuitively working such as healers, one of which is not, of course, excluded If you’re always amongst a lot of people or working with them, it should be your daily hygiene, to “shower” yourself energetically.

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