Fullmoon March 12th 2017

Geschrieben von Christa

Christa erhielt Einblicke in die unterschiedlichsten Facetten des Lebens, als sie 20 Jahre lang als Flugbegleiterin die Welt bereiste. Der Blick hinter den Schleier war kein Erwachen, sondern eine Erkenntnis dessen, was sie schon immer war. Ihre Geschichte des Heilens und Lernens und der Weg in ihre eigene Meisterschaft führt sie zur Absicht, die Herzen ihrer Mitmenschen zu öffnen und sie zurück in ihr eigenes Bewusstsein zu führen.

11. March 2017

Fullmoon March 12th 2017

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Fullmoon in Virgo

Tomorrow is Fullmoon again. At exactly 15:53h Central European Time the moon will stand at its fullest in the sign of Virgo (go to this website for your local fullmoon time).

So why, would you think, do I speak about Fullmoon? Fullmoon inhabits many life changing qualities and life is about change all the time. Fullmoon can stand for fulfilment but also new insights and awareness.

What does stand for the zodiac sign Virgo?

Qualities like perfectionism, diligent and hard working, rational, reliable and caring just to name some. Virgo belongs to the energy family of Earth, together with Taurus and Capricorn. What all Earth Signs have in common is that they are calm and quiet personalities, they act slowly not so impulsive, they are also capable of deeper emotions and their feelings and ideas stand their ground and don’t change so fast.  Virgin Zodiac Fullmoon March 2017

Now that we know what the energy qualities are for the Zodiac of Virgo let me explain to you, what the qualities for this fullmoon are and how you can make the best out of it.

At the time, when the moon stands at its highest and fullest point in the sign of virgo, another sign stands to the opposite, the sign of Pisces. This is what we call an axis in Astrological terms. So the Virgo – Picses Axis can bring us changes and healing in:

  • Reality and Dreams
  • Balance and Flow
  • Order and Intuition
  • Mental Balance and Unconditional Love
  • Connection to Nature and your Health – Commitment to Coincidences

You maybe noticed, that there are always opposites in my list above.

The process of awareness and new insights can be achieved through meditation and any other form of looking into your inner world. You have the chance of doing so and discovering more and more every fullmoon which means every month. I certainly do recommend to meditate more, read about the benefits of meditation in my post about meditation or in my pages about meditation.

Every one of you has got different topics that want to be cleared, improved or healed this depends on your own birth horoscope and what is currently important to you.

Chiron stands close to the moon

Planet moon and asteroid chiron stand close together and in the axis with pisces. This stands for the health of the gastrointestinal tract and vegetarians. This is a time, where you can probably heal your digestive problems easier, maybe you wanted to have a change in your nutrition anyway. Ever thought about having a meat free diet? So if you not already are a vegetarian this is a great time for a try. If you thought about becoming one, this might be the best time to try it out and how your body tolerates the nutrition change.

What wants to be healed in your life-reality – making a decision

This is a time where you can look at what doesn’t work for you anymore. What does my body say and what my inner self, my intuition. It can be, that you need to change something in your nutrition in order to feel more energetic, not so tired in your daily life. Or you need to look at your job situation – a long sought wish maybe to live your life purpose or work after your own pace and stand for what is right for you. This is just one of the many examples and can be stretched out to your own personal to do list and what you feel for quite a bit of time, is simmering in you that needs to be changed. Now is the time for a change, for to making a decision as the qualities are perfect with the virgo-pisces aspect.

Looking at old thinking pattern

Not only can you change the way you live but also old thinking pattern that are no longer needed and would only hold you up in your personal development. You have the possibility to change old behavioural pattern now, look at the role you play in your current life.

You can do this by looking at your emotions that come up when you face yourself with this old pattern that wants to be changed. Are you holding on to them because you think they give you a stability? Or is it just an illusion? Sometimes we hold on to things and pattern because we think (headminded) that it worked out in some way but secretly (by heart/intuitively)  we know for a long time, that we do not serve us, with the pattern we are running on.

How can you dissolve such old and unwanted pattern

Look at your emotions and welcome them. Don’t push them away, recognise them and the feelings you get. Get out of your comfort zone, only this way, you are able to see and decide what is no longer useful and needed in your life. If you are afraid of being too overwhelmed by your emotions you can look at yourself as if you were a child again, acknowledge your emotions. The inner child work is a necessary tool of healing yourself. Look at how old you see yourself standing there as a child. Then you can comfort your inner child when you are in emotion and this way, you are able to get back your own power, the one of your inner adult.

Mostly you already know where the sticking point is that wants to be healed, the universe doesn’t send you signs just like that as well as your soul does. In the end, it is your body that speaks to you and cries for a change.

If you want to find out more about your life purpose or old karmic pattern, you can book an akashic reading with me here.

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