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Ground yourself – Inspirations for 25. September 2017

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Ground Yourself

It may be that you have the feeling today that you have to withdraw more, because you’re perceiving even more intensive around you, or you’re feeling vulnerable. You lost your grounding and the connection to you. Spend as much time as possible in nature today and take some time for yourself, maybe you can add a short meditation in your day, if you don’t already. When we come to the silence, we become more aware of ourselves, you hear your breathing and your heartbeat and recognize the miracle you are in your body. Regular meditation also brings you more into your self-confidence and the belief that everything is good, as it is, because you feel a lot more centred after regular meditation. Pay attention to your diet, because it can help you with your grounding. Less sugar and more fresh vegetables and proteins have a beneficial effect on your body and your wellbeing.


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