Healing Sessions

Energy work can be made on different topics. From the psychological to the physical level, to solve blockages and continue your path with a new point of view.

I help you to strengthen your self-healing powers, to locate and solve energetic blockages and thus to increase your relaxation and your wellbeing.

An energy treatment harmonizes the energy balance, which strengthens and regenerates the body, mind and soul. I serve as a channel of this energy.

Depending on the field of application, I will adapt the energy work and its possibilities individually to the clients and their needs. Thus, e.g. be that I work only in the external energies and aura fields, whereby you will not be touched. It can also be that I touch the body with my hands, in order to penetrate deeper energy layers and establish a more direct reference.

As a rule you can lie during the energy work and simply relax. It may be that you feel cold, warmth, pulsation or tingling in individual areas due to the resulting energy flow during application, or in individual cases also colors or pictures. This is then a sign that your body and mind will respond to the application.

The energy work can be done either by

  • Remote Energy Treatment
  • In my premises

Price € 69.–


Activating your DNA

Your DNA will be fully activated in this session. It is scientifically proven that we have not yet used all the potentials of our DNA. With a healing treatment – Theta Healing – as well as with Access Bars®, the still dormant DNA strands can be activated by me.

Our genetic code of aging is also reprogrammed to young and healthy, our telomeres, which are getting shorter and shorter as we get older, are extended again during this treatment.

DNA Activation Treatment € 69.–


Harmonizing your Chakras


Our chakras are essential to our wellbeing. If we have a disharmony in one of our chakras somewhere, it can affect our whole life. Each of our main chakras has a different function, more information about our chakras I have written in my blog.

Chakra Harmonizing Treatment € 69.–

Energy Treatment for your Pets

Our pets are very open and receptive to energy use because they have not built up any blockages and expectations in us and an energy treatment.

Energy Treatment for your Pet € 39.–

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