Transform your Energy to make a Change in your Life

Transformational Soul Healing Session

An energy healing session can be done in person or over distance.

A Transformative Energy Soul Healing Session is conducted for many reasons. If you understand, that an illness first will be felt by our soul before it makes its way to manifestation in your body, you will understand the complexity of a healing session. You can do a Healing session for almost everything, provided, that you have been seeking advice by your medical doctor or healthcare professionals, if you are suffering from a serious illness and/or are in medical treatment.

This work includes clearing unwanted energy in your body, your chakras and aura which will then give you an easier approach for your personal transformation. Negative Energies, Cords or Curses from this and past lives are one of the reasons, why you can be stuck in your life.

After your Session you will begin your Transformational Process, this is an inner process and asks for your awareness and intention to change something in your life and to make this step to your inner growth.

This healing method can bring up personal and or challenging discussions about intimate topics and issues, including deep-seated trauma, which may be necessary to address for the healing process. As a hands-on healing method, hands may be placed on different areas of your body. If you do not consent to being touched or at any time feel uncomfortable, please let Christa know immediately.

By engaging with spirit, energy fields, and systems natural to each person and the Universe, Christa Fossati is connecting to the subtle energy fields or spiritual bodies of the client.

As a rule you can lie during the energy work and simply relax. Physically you may experience warm or cold energy waves sweeping or pulsing in or around your body. You may experience tingling sensations or feelings of pressure in certain areas of your body. Others don’t feel anything at all which is also fine and doesn’t say anything about the outcome of their healing and transformational process. It may feel like someone is touching you. You might experience sudden relief of physical pain if any is present.

Please note if you have severe health issues energy healing needs to be repeated on regular basis until your body is able to hold, on its own, vibrations of new – healthy – energy within.

For best results, be in a receptive and positive and non-attached attitude. The best results occur, when the client is in a non-needy mode. Trust, that the universe and our guides know, what is best for you, your healing path and therefore in the divine timing. Everything is unfolding for you, in the time space, that you are ready for and in the way that it fits you. Transformational Soul Healing is an interactive way of healing, where you are requested to actively participate on your healing/learning/growing path.

Therefore, there is never a guarantee given, when a healer is at work, as he is not in the power to determine the end result – the only power is by you! The healer will do everything he learned and has been given by the universe, to shift your energy and help you on your healing path with an ongoing treatment until you have managed and learned, to hold your energy steadily at a higher level. A prerequisite is that you will have to become aware of many things in your life, patterns in your behavior and thinking that you have repeated until then. Your life will change on this way in a positive manner, step by step, not only about the topic you came to me, but also in other areas of your life – as above so below – everything is connected in our lifes.

Christa is currently offering both In-Person and Distant Sessions.

Once payment is received, you will be contacted by Christa vial email in order to schedule a session.

Transformational Healing Session 136.00 CHF


Cancellations within 24 hours before the appointment can not be refunded. Please contact us, if you want to change your appointment. Thank you for your understanding.


Activating your DNA

Your DNA will be fully activated in this session. It is scientifically proven that we have not yet used all the potentials of our DNA. With a healing treatment – Theta Healing – as well as with Access Bars®, the still dormant DNA strands can be activated by me.

Our genetic code of aging is also reprogrammed to young and healthy, our telomeres, which are getting shorter and shorter as we get older, are extended again during this treatment.

DNA Activation Treatment 136.00 CHF


Harmonizing your Chakras


Our chakras are essential to our wellbeing. If we have a disharmony in one of our chakras somewhere, it can affect our whole life. Each of our main chakras has a different function, more information about our chakras I have written in my blog.

Chakra Harmonizing Treatment 136.00 CHF

Energy Treatment for your Pets

Our pets are very open and receptive to energy use because they have not built up any blockages and expectations in us and an energy treatment.

Energy Treatment for your Pet 120.00 CHF

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