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Transform your Energy to make a Change in your Life

Transformational Energy Session

A Healing Energy Session can be held in person or as a remote treatment.

Energy Sessions can be made for different topics. From the psychological to the physical level, to solve blockages and continue your path with a new point of view.

This work includes clearing unwanted energy in your body, your chakras and aura which will then give you an easier approach for your personal transformation. Negative Energies, Cords or Curses from this and past lives are one of the reasons, why you can be stuck in your life.

After your Session you will begin your Transformational Process, this is an inner process and asks for your awareness and intention to change something in your life and to make this step to your inner growth.

Depending on the field of application, Christa will adapt the energy work and its possibilities individually to the clients and their needs. She does not touch the physical body, but moves her hands above the body. She connects with your soul and your very own energy system. She intuitively scans all your body (mental, physical and spiritual) to see any defects in energy.

As a rule you can lie during the energy work and simply relax. Physically you may experience warm or cold energy waves sweeping or pulsing in or around your body. You may experience tingling sensations or feelings of pressure in certain areas of your body. It may feel like someone is touching you. You might experience sudden relief of physical pain if any is present.

Please note if you have severe health issues energy healing needs to be repeated on regular basis until your body is able to hold, on its own, vibrations of new – healthy – energy within.

Christa is currently offering in her Practice and remote treatment.

Once payment is received, you will be contacted by Christa vial email in order to schedule a session.

If you have any questions please contact Christa, and she will make every attempt to respond via email within 48 hours.


Harmonizing your Chakras


Our chakras are essential to our wellbeing. If we have a disharmony in one of our chakras somewhere, it can affect our whole life. Each of our main chakras has a different function, more information about our chakras I have written in my blog.

Energy Treatment for your Pets

Our pets are very open and receptive to energy use because they have not built up any blockages and expectations in us and an energy treatment.

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