Get to know yourself better and lead a happier life.

Akashic Record Consultation

Learn more about your life with the access to the universal knowledge and solve your blockages

Access Consciousness®

An Access Bars® session – 32 points on your head to that can lead you to awareness and empower yourself to lead your life in ease, happiness and success


Treat yourself with an „energy shower“ – Activate self-healing powers – Dissolve blockages – Release the pattern of your belief system.

Energywork for your Pet

Animals receive healing energy very well because they do not develop blockages so easy. The health of our animals is very important to me and I am glad to help your beloved animal.

You are here to lead a life full of happiness! So let’s get started – shall we?

Access Bars®

An Access Bars Treatment can open a whole new world for you.

How much time do you spend your life with doing instead of receiving? Have you noticed that your life is not yet as you like it you have everything you have. Accessing and receiving Access Bars® can give you all that and more.


Energy Healing Treatments can be taken for several issues on the psychological as well as for the physical level. Solve your blockages and receive a new way of seeing things for your further pathway of life.

Energywork for your Pet

I love animals and giving them an energy treat is a regular practice for my pets. They receive they energy easily as they don’t create blockages as fast as we do. Give your pet a Healing Energy Package.


Akashic Record Consultation

Untie your knots by having an Akashic Record Reading. Have you ever asked yourself, why you always get the same problems in your relationships, or why your success in your job is still waiting…getting an Akashic Record Reading can help you to see, why you always are walking in the same pattern. In recognizing this pattern you can be able to solve it and leave it behind.



Harmonizing your Chakras

Chakras are our Energy Points in our body. They are connected with each other and connect us with the universal energy and with others. If our Chakras are in harmony and clean, we will feel in harmony too. Our life will be in sync and we lead a happy and balanced lifestyle.


How many times did you already try to quit smoking? Or how many diets did you go through just to find out that your efforts did not carry any fruits…

Maybe you have made the experience, that no matter what you are trying to do to help you out of your tiredness or sadness or even fears – nothing worked for you

Hypnosis Sessions will be conducted in the future.

For questions please contact me under

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The latest from the Blog

Desiderata von Max Ehrmann

Dieses wunderschöne Gedicht von Max Ehrmann enthält eine tiefe Lebensweisheit, die man sich zu Herzen nehmen sollte.

Was bedeutet Freiheit für Dich?

Freiheit mag für Dich etwas Anderes bedeuten wie für mich oder für jemand anderen, der diesen Artikel liest und es spielt auch keine Rolle, was jemand anderes darüber denkt, denn es geht hier nur um Dein Gefühl für Freiheit

Speak to your Fears

With the communication with your fear, you’re taking the greatest pressure off you. It may be possible to find solutions by looking at the fear.

Sprich mit Deiner Angst

Mit der Kommunikation mit Deiner Angst nimmst Du Dir den grössten Druck, der auf Dir gelastet hat. Man kann möglicherweise durch das Betrachten der Angst Lösungen finden

Lebe aus Deinem wahren ich heraus

Was wäre, wenn Du so sein könntest, wie Du schon immer sein wolltest? Wieviele Erwartungen und Projektionen nutzt Du, um ja keinen Schritt aus Deinem bisherigen Leben zu wagen?

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