How often can I listen to the Solfeggio frequencies?

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27. August 2019

How do I handle the Solfeggio frequencies?

Is there a specific sequence to the Solfeggio frequencies?

Listen to the frequencies you’re attracted to, because there’s usually a reason for that. Once you feel that you have “consumed” “enough” of this frequency, I recommend moving on to the next frequency, whether it be binaural beats, isochronic tones or solfeggio frequencies.


How often can I listen to the frequencies?

Some people feel a positive effect after listening to the Solfeggio frequencies. It is recommended to listen to the frequency for at least three 15 minute sessions per week. In the experience of frequency users, the best long-term effect is to listen to the frequency for at least 4 to 6 weeks. For a maximum effect, however, there is nothing against indulging in a daily dose.


Do I need headphones for the Solfeggio frequencies?

No headphones are necessary, but it is also not forbidden to listen to the music with frequencies or the frequencies pure with headphones. But be careful, if you listen to the Solfeggio tones with headphones, that you don’t listen to them too loud, this could lead to consequential damages.

Is there a specific position I need to take while listening to the frequencies?

Always take the position that is comfortable for you. There are no guidelines. However, it is foreseeable that you will listen to the frequencies during activities that require your attention, such as driving a car or operating machines, etc. For example, you can meditate while the frequency music is playing in the background or do a yoga class, e.g. the morning before work (thanks for your input Irene R.❤️).


Can I listen to the frequencies during sleep?

Very good idea! There is nothing against it. While we sleep, we record the frequencies unfiltered, perhaps with a suitable Silent Subliminal. Silent subliminal are affirmations that take place at a high frequency and are no longer audible for most adults. Don’t make the music or the pure frequency too loud, because if you sleep for a long time, it will be a considerable time to listen to it. This also applies to the Silent Subliminal Affirmations that your pet or children may hear…


What if suddenly I feel bad, emotions come up, I have to cry?

Don’t worry if you have emotions like sadness, sudden anxiety or physical symptoms like sweating, muscle pulling or headaches. This is a natural part of your healing process, an initial aggravation that should subside after some time. Anything that is too unpleasant or too painful should be a sign for you to stop or slow down. Maybe you are a very sensitive person and react faster and more intensively to the frequencies. Sensitive and even hypersensitive people perceive everything around them much more intensively.

If you are in medical or psychological treatment (e.g. as an epileptic, pregnant woman, heart patient, severe psychological problems), I recommend that you first talk to the attending doctor / psychologist about what is appropriate for you.


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This post is also available in: Deutsch