Increase Your Self – Love and get in Touch with your Inner Child

by | Jul 16, 2018

Self-love – I enjoy my life – opening of the heart

It is my Intention to open your heart with this Healing recording. “Heal your inner child – Activate your awareness” is made with uplifting music, Silent Subliminal Affirmations, mood elevating 10 Hz, 33 Hz Christ Consciousness and Pyramid Energy Frequency, 136.1 Hz Heart Chakra Balancing and Activating as well as 320 Hz Solar Plexus Balancing and Activating Frequency. To clear all your Chakras and Aura from old and unwanted emotions and negativity, I have added 432 Hz Frequency which also supports your DNA to adapt to your new awareness. The recording also includes supporting Silent Subliminal Affirmations and Healing Energy Transmission.

Self-love is very important, it has nothing to do with the relentless immaturity and narcissism that many consider as self-worth and not to be mistaken by the behavior being habituated by some individuals thanks to our “Social” networks nowadays. Self-love opens your heart and allows you to see the world through different eyes. Your path changes step by step with the recognition of what a wonderful person you are, through this you can gift this love to others.



Self-love is essential in our lives. If it is recognized and consciously lived, other topics in your life will be more harmonious. The relationship with others gets a new dimension with more respect and loving interaction, you can accept abundance in life. Abundance stands not only for wealth but love, health and happiness.

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