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Increase Your Self – Love and get in Touch with your Inner Child

by Jul 16, 2018Healing Frequencies, Healing Words

Self-love – I enjoy my life – opening of the heart

It is my Intention to open your heart with this Healing Video Production. “Self-Love – Open your Heart” is made with uplifting music, Silent Subliminal Affirmations, Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Tone as well as Healing Energy.

Self-love is very important, it has nothing to do with the relentless immaturity and narcissism that many consider as self-worth. Self-love opens your heart and allows you to see the world through different eyes. Your path changes step by step with the recognition of what a wonderful person you are, through this you can gift this love to others.

Self-love is essential in our lives. If it is recognized and consciously lived, other topics in your life will be more harmonious. The relationship with others gets a new dimension with more respect and loving interaction, you can accept abundance in life. Abundance stands not only for wealth but love, health and happiness.


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