Intuitive Coaching

Get a different perspective of your life

Intuitive Coaching

The experiences you have made in this lifetime or in previous lives, such as emotional trauma and diseases, can trigger blockages and fears. That, in turn, can hold you back or even prevent you from developing in your soul growth and manifesting the life you desire.

During this 30 to 60 minute session, Christa will connect with your soul and akashic records and intuitively answer your questions. This will give you insights into your life that can help you get a different perspective on the situation. Very often your spiritual guides and beloved relatives who have already passed away will attend the session.

In a personal conversation, we look at your questions and clarify where you have blockages. We look where you always fall into the same pattern to dissolve these patterns. Where could you change something in your perspective, your beliefs.

What changes can occur after the intuitive coaching:

  • Transformation in most cases does not happen immediately, but is a process during which you will see changes in your inner and outer life.
  • It may be that you are suddenly looking for other friendships, with people that understand you better and share your interests, which can also change.
  • Your partnership may (but does not have to) develop more inharmonious for some time. This is because issues are being processed that may have been avoided, or that now is the right time to solve old entanglements. Recognize this as a step forward in a new form of relationship with your partner.
  • Changes in the workplace are possible. There may be patterns that you no longer need now.
  • You can go through an inner development and choose a whole new profession.
  • New interests come, old ones fall away.
  • Conscious life – every day. You perceive everything differently, consciously, your emotions, your patterns, questioning things and actions and re-evaluating them.


Coaching with Skype is possible.

60 min Coaching € 79.–

30 min Coaching € 39.–


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