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12. June 2016

Meditate in the Morning

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We all have our own ways and routines in starting our day! As we wake up each morning, we got programmed rituals like making coffee, drinking a glass of lemon water, eating, reading the newspapers before we rush out to the door to head out to our workplaces. There is one routine that I suggest you to put into your morning schedule: Meditation. This is the only thing that will make yourself mentally and emotionally prepared for the day. Apart from that, the following are the main benefits of morning meditation

What the Morning Meditation can give you


  • Brighten your day up!
    We just wake up, just to wake up. You’re even going to feel heavier when you need to have some more sleep and pressing down the snooze button for time just won’t cut it. After a while you wake up, rushing everything from your breakfast to shower to head out for work. Give yourself 15 minutes a day first thing in the morning to do meditation. For starters, start with five minutes then work your way up. By doing this, it would gave your mind and day a more focused, content, optimistic approach. It would help you to get through the day with ease!
  • Heightens Awareness
    It’s normal for our mind to be polluted with thoughts. Things popping up from nowhere and the things that’s happening around us makes us think excessively sometimes. In Buddhism, there’s a concept that’s called monkey mind. It the tendency of our mind to jump from one thought to another randomly. Like a monkey jumping from tree to tree. The benefits of meditation to this is being able to detach yourself from your own thought patterns and spiraling down thoughts as well. It helps you to gain control of your own mind and thoughts. Which in term will help you to be more reactive rather than passive with the world.
  • Drop Stress and Anxiety
    Stress is one of the main culprit to our mental and physical health. It gives us a hard time in dealing with the things that are arising from our day to day lives. May it be a simple obligation, work deadlines, a love problem it always comes hand in hand with stress. Research shows that by doing meditation, stimulation in our parasympathetic nervous systems occur, which slows the heart rate and breathing rate that improves blood flow. This is the reasons why you feel so relaxed when you are meditation.
  • Mindfulness
    While you are meditating, you give your mind a rest, a break from the daily world, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to detach yourself from chaos and seek shelter in silence and peace. By giving your mind space, it gives you a broader perspective about everything in our lives. These means stepping back and seeing everything with more clarity with a balance perspective. A useful tool for living a meaningful and fulfilling life.
  • Total boost to your well being
    Having more perspective and having a great mindfulness will give you a sense of wellness. Not only when you feel good, you do good. And if you mind feels good then your body will feel good too. Morning meditation will leave you the feeling of appreciation, feeling of present and empower your life in all ways possible.


How to do practice Meditation:

  • Be comfortable. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes. Be as comfy as possible with your clothing, as this will help you to stay focus instead of doing unnecessary movements.
  • Choose a place of sanctuary. If you are able, pick a place in your home to be used only for your meditation. This place should be your sanctuary, you can personalize it the way you wanted to. Try to have a pillow so that you’ll be able to sit comfortably with a nice, tall spine. This will help you to stay aware while being relaxed in your body. If you must then you can sit against a wall for support.
  • Deep breath should move through you. Always take deep breathes and let your thoughts drift in and out of your mind.
  • Be indifferent. Thoughts would always be thoughts. They come in and out of our minds. Let it come and pick which is to detach yourself into and not. Meditation requires practice. There would be days when you just want to lie in bed the whole day and don’t give into practicing meditation. You should commit yourself in doing so, and you’ll see the benefits unfold.




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