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Believe in that you are loved, because you are. Give yourself love, learn to accept and love yourself the way you are, because you have so many beautiful qualities that you can shine into this world. You can give yourself a lot of warmth and hope as well as to others, with your faith in the good. Our world needs people like you, who bear the knowledge in themselves, of what is the most important thing now for this world which is love, compassion and humanity.
It is important now, to make peace with your male and female parts in yourself, as this step will support you in the realisation of your goals as well as to bring your voice into this world.

Your strength can move mountains, don’t lose faith in you. This message is to remind you that you are supported by the spiritual world. It’s important that you continue to follow your intuition that accompanies you like a light light on your way. Trust that you are closer to your wishes and dreams than you think, open your heart for the river of your life.

What stands in your way to being the one you really are and leading the life you really want to live? Are you ready to destroy and uncreate that now! Pod and Poc*


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