Healing Energy Session

Healing Energy Session


Healing Energy – Quantum Energy – Cristal Energy Session

A healing session supports you on a psychological, physical and spiritual level to release blockages. So you can successfully open a new chapter in your life and go your way with your inner strength.

The goal of a healing session is to restore the natural and original energy flow in you to regain health, well-being, vitality, joy and ease. Your chakras, meridians and cells react positively and healing can occur. Note that this is a process that involves you as an active part for your own benefit.

As a medium, I am happy to be there for you to deliver helping energies and messages that bring answers, insights and support, no matter in which part of your life.

An energy treatment harmonizes the energy balance which strengthens and regenerates the body, mind and soul. I serve as a channel for this energy. For this I use different tools of Reiki, Energy Healing, Quantum Healing and Theta Healing.

A healing session will help you:

  • Supports your recovery from illness (together with medical treatment)
  • Chronic diseases, allergies
  • Depression (supportive if under medical treatment), burn-out
  • Depressive moods
  • Removal of negative energies / entities
  • Sleep problems / sleep disorders
  • Anxiety states
  • Aches
  • Headaches
  • Physical blockages
  • and much more

Depending on the field of application, I apply the energy work and its possibilities individually to the client and his needs. For example, it may be that I only work in the outer energy and aura layers, whereby no touch occurs. But it can also be that I touch the body with my hands in order to be able to penetrate deeper energy layers and establish a more direct relationship.

Usually you can lie down during the energy work and just relax. It can be that you feel cold, warmth, pulsation or tingling in individual areas or see colors or pictures in individual cases as a result of the flow of energy during the application. This is then a sign that your body and mind react to the application.

I help you to strengthen your self-healing powers, to locate and release energetic blockages and thus increase your relaxation and well-being. Through Transformative Energy Transfer you get the opportunity to continue working with this first impulse of healing that you receive and to go a more conscious way.

The duration of a healing session varies and can take place in my practice or by remote treatment.

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