Life Coaching

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An Intuitive coaching Session gives you access to your true self. Christa leads you to the source of your patterns, injuries, and blockages, where she will dissolve them with you.



In Life Coaching I offer you support over a longer period of time. Desired changes usually cannot be realized immediately, because it requires an awareness and the letting go of established thinking and behavior patterns.

Life Coaching supports you:
  • Self-Realization – where does your way go
  • Abundance and manifestation
  • Health
  • Creative expression in your life
  • Blockades – finding solutions
  • Let go of undesirable patterns and beliefs
  • Spiritual development – promoting inner growth
  • Soultasks
  • Karma resolution
  • Influences from past lives

The access to universal knowledge of the akashic records enables me to go into the depths of your soul to seek answers and solutions. With the universal knowledge, you can experience AHA moments. With this knowledge, we can start to work on you to solve blockages where necessary. I support you on your way to more self-confidence, ease and enjoyment of the recipe for your success in your life.

Information about Intuitive Coaching – Life Coaching.

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