Transforming Energy Healing Session


Energy Healing Treatments can be taken for several issues on the psychological as well as for the physical level that can lead to diseases in the end. Solve your blockages and receive a new way of seeing things for your further pathway of life.



A healing treatment can be taken for different topics. From the mental level to the physical level, to release blockages and continue on your path with a new perspective.
I help you to strengthen your self-healing powers, to locate and solve energetic blockages like anger and fear that can lead to illness, and thus to increase your relaxation and your well-being.

Applying light energy supports you in your healing process. Note the word process, the changes that take place during and after energy treatment(s) will mostly take place step by step so that you can get used to it. In rare cases spontaneous healing may occur. This all depends on the person / soul and how far they are willing to accept the change and what is right for this soul. You can not control that and should be accepted as it is. There is no rating and everything is fine the way it is.

How many treatments are needed to solve an issue and to change the undesired now moment? This all depends on how many life’s you carry this problem/issue, how strong your conscious or unconscious resistance is, what you should still learn about this topic, etc. . You can look at it like an onion with its rings. Sometimes it is done in one session and sometimes it needs more Energy Treatments to solve an issue. Also you can support the process of healing in participating actively in your healing in form of inner and sometimes outer changes or modifications in your way of life, to get a necessary self awareness for your daily life, etc.

Please note: A healing session can not and should never replace conventional medicine, it can be done in addition to the medical treatment. Please consult your medical doctor, if a healing session is appropriate in addition to your treatment. I do not make promises of healing, in the energy work, it is about the involvement of the client and the inner (co-) work and will of the people.

The healing session can be booked as a local or as a distance treatment via Skype.

Please allow a timeframe of 30 minutes to 60 minutes.


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