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Recognize the Wisdom in You

by Sep 21, 2017Daily Card0 comments

Recognize the Wisdom in You

The universe wants us to look into the issue of resolution and letting go again. In order to continue along our path it is necessary to leave our painful experiences behind us. Don’t go into the details anymore and don’t make any accusations, either to you or to all that participated. See this experience as a part of your path that you chose. As soon as you let go, you’ll be able to see the deeper meaning behind it. This also helps you integrate your experiences. Sometimes our body wants to tell us something where we should be careful.

Physical symptoms are a good guide if we are to look at something in our lives. Where do you have your symptoms, look into you and then ask the universe what you can do to realize what this is all about.

When you’re ready, you can thank your body and let go of the pain, you can say you’ve recognized it now and you don’t need the pain or the allergy now. Go into this exercise without expectations, because that would make you go into resistance again. Be patient and loving with yourself and do the excersize several times when you need it. Sometimes the blockages or walls have to come down first. Therefore, the verbal processes (see my video and my website) are also a good and effective application.



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