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The secret recipe behind changing your own universe lies in self awareness. Or like Gandhi said:

“You must be the Change you want to see in the World” – Gandhi

You can’t change the world, but you can start with your own world, if you feel like there must be something done. If just a few more people would think that way, that would matter a lot to the world. This would make a great impact. Just take an example, how would your day look, if you would walk around like getting up with your left food for the whole day? Can you imagine what kind of people you would meet and how they would react on your negative energy.

Everyone can live in self awareness

I am sure, every body knows this from their own lifes, and nobody is perfect. But this is not the point, the point is the awareness. You can learn being aware of what you feel and think instantly – what do you feel, when you meet your neighbour or your colleague at work, maybe he/she is not your best friend and you don’t like him because of this or that reason, because he doesn’t fit into your thinking pattern.

Make yourself comfortable with the tought, that you can’t change him or her. But you can change the way you react on the situation. When you re-act then you exchange energy and the story goes on and on and in the end, you can feel how you hurt yourself the most. Remember your last emotional dispute that you had with someone? Maybe you remember, how you were hurt by your own reactions.

But how can we start supporting ourselves, so that we don’t hurt ourselves so much.

You may want to start thinking about the person in a neutral way, or if this helps, say this is not my thing, this is not my story it belongs to the other person. Distinguish between what is your story in this lifetime and what is somebody elses, which doesn’t mean, that you should lose your empathy or avoid being helpful and supportive if someone asks for.

Avoid meeting people, where you think, they are being negative towards you, maybe because of jealousy, there are so many emotions that people can have. Some “friends” literally suck you out, you can feel it after you have met them. You feel tired and think that this was no fun at all for yourself.

You can be a good friend, who is taking part and listening to a current problem. Maybe you now realise, that somebody you know, lives “current problems” since you know him. These are pattern that some people hold their whole lifes until they are getting aware of it. Maybe it is comfortable and reserves them a love spot with their friends and family.

You won’t be of any help for your friend, when you go on like that, there are many ways you can support someone, who is caught in their pattern. Always make the decision, that you feel is right for you and the person, always take your heart as a “counselor”. Remember, something would fall away for this person, if the pattern is being removed without working on it beforehand.

So, next time you are sitting in the bus or train look at people differently, ask yourself why did he get there. There must be a reason, why he is so odd or speaks with himself. How would you be, if you were in the same situation, whatever the situation is.

We all have our packages that we carry around, self made or not, out of unawareness and packed full of emotions. These belong to every single individual, you have yours and your neighbor has got his own. But from now on, you have it in your hands. You can be aware of your emotions and thinking pattern and change your world.

Christa Fossati has always been interested in spirituality. She writes Articles in her Blog and offers Healing and Intuitive Coaching Sessions. Check out her Youtube Channel for Guided Meditations and Healing Frequency Videos with Healing Sessions, Subliminal Affirmations and Light Language.


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