Self-Love Activate your Awareness

This recording supports you in the healing of self-love and activates your awareness of self-love in your everyday life.
My intention with this recording is to make you realize how much little things you can do in your everyday life to activate your self-love. By meeting you and your environment in a loving and respectful way, the feeling of love for your life and for you will grow automatically.

Having self-love and knowing opens up many a horizon in your life. There is a natural empathy for you and your fellow human beings, your environment. Especially in our time of ubiquitous media, it is sometimes difficult for them to stay with themselves. Because of this morbid superficiality and speed in which some people are confronted with the handling of social media, it is important to recognize and appreciate their own value. Who am I and what do I really want in my life, what is really important? Practice mindfulness every minute of your life, recognize the little things around you as a gift, recognize the beauty of nature in which we live and their invaluable value to us humans. We need this wonderful world just as we need you to make this world a beautiful, better place, with your consciousness. The more people practice mindfulness and increase their own vibration, the higher the vibration around it becomes, it’s like a drop in the ocean.

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