Signs and Symbols about your Soulmate – Guided Meditation

Geschrieben von Christa

Christa erhielt Einblicke in die unterschiedlichsten Facetten des Lebens, als sie 20 Jahre lang als Flugbegleiterin die Welt bereiste. Der Blick hinter den Schleier war kein Erwachen, sondern eine Erkenntnis dessen, was sie schon immer war. Ihre Geschichte des Heilens und Lernens und der Weg in ihre eigene Meisterschaft führt sie zur Absicht, die Herzen ihrer Mitmenschen zu öffnen und sie zurück in ihr eigenes Bewusstsein zu führen.

19. June 2017

Meeting your Soulmate on a Non Physical Level

In this Meditation I am guiding you to listen to signs and look for symbols of your soulmate. Having a Soulmate Relationship is another dimension of partnership where both can benefit and grow.

Getting together with your soulmate will lead you into a self healing process for you and your soulmate. This process is a path in your life as well as your soulmate which also means, that you will meet when the time is ripe for both of you.

This MP3 will guide you to see the signs and symbols that lead to your soulmate. It can soothe your longing for the other and you will learn, that you can meet anytime on a non physical level and begin to interact with each other on a soul level.

About Theta Waves 4 – 7,5 Hz

While performing a deep meditation, your brain gets into theta wave state. This also happens during light sleep and the REM dream state. This state will be present in the change from Alpha wave state (drift off to sleep), to short before wake from deep sleep, where your brain was in the Delta wave state.

In the Theta State of Mind, you can get a deep spiritual connection to all there is.

You can access your programmings when in Theta State which is also used in by hypnotherapists in a very deep form of hypnosis. You can access great inspiration, creativity, perform vivid visualizations and get deeper insight into the truth of you life.

When accessing Theta mental state, you can literally create your own reality by visualizing what you want and programming your mind.

At this frequency, you are conscious of your surroundings however your body is in deep relaxation.

About Binaural Beats
Together with the music, which stimulates your brain activity, you can open up spiritually and get access to more and more inner and universal knowledge access, which allows you to shape your own life.

The music works with the theta brainwaves on 5Hz binaural beats.
Meditation written and spoken by Christa Fossati,

Music “Heaven and Earth” by “Enlightened Audio – Christopher Lloyd Clarke”


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