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Speak to your Fears

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Daily Card | 0 comments

Ask Questions – Even to your Fears

Fears can also be seen from different points of view. You can ask questions to everything, whether it’s things or emotions. If you were looking for communication to a let’s say opponent, you were getting to the conclusion and clarity about what’s really going on. Maybe you’ve experienced this before.

Kartenlesungen mit Kartenlesungen mit

With the communication with your fear, you’re taking the greatest pressure off you. It may be possible to find solutions by looking at the fear. Communicate with the fear and ask her what it wants from you, maybe you’ll even be surprised what comes out of it.

Denial means postponement, so the fear will always be coming back in different forms. Try to imagine your reality of what the topic is that scares you in a different variant. Always draw love into your imagination, because it’s love that can heal everything. With this power, you can also work on your fears and get to more peace in your life.


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