Love in the Solfeggio Tones

Love in the Solfeggio Tones

Open your Heart for Love

Open your Heart for Love, a recording that opens your heart and heals the relationship with you and your loved ones as well as with everyone around you. It mainly contains Solfeggio frequencies. We start the meditation with the “wonder frequency” of 528 Hz Solfeggio, it heals diseases and acts on your DNA. The frequency cleanses you on subtle level of negative vibrations. As you meditate, imagine the green light entering you and flowing through your entire body, letting it flow into your heart chakra where the green opens up the frequency of your entire heart chakra.

528 Hz resonates just like 432 Hz in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

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The frequency of 432 Hz is not a Solfeggio frequency, but has strong healing properties. It resonates with the natural rhythm of the earth, which in turn puts you in that natural vibration. It equalizes your hemispheres in the brain or brain halves, according to studies with the electroencephalograph (EEG), our great thinkers have a vibration of 432 Hz in each of the halves of the brain. This means that your brain halves both work at the same rate, the 432 Hz, and their capacity is thereby fully utilized. Your body is brought into its natural and harmonious state while listening to this frequency, which feels very beneficial to humans. It solves emotional blockages and lets us get in touch with our intuition, our soul and the Universal Intelligence. This sense of unity lets us open our hearts, The numerous and very positive experiences of my subscribers on my YouTube channel – soulguidance to this frequency of 432Hz clearly indicate this to me. It also has a harmonizing and activating effect on your chakras, which is why I introduced them to this recording. The Video you see above is visible in my english channel Healing Frequency Meditations – subscribe to my channel and listen to  healing videos, guided meditations and affirmations spoken in the english language.

The frequency of 639 Hz Solfeggio has a harmonizing effect on your interactions with your fellow human beings. It heals certain processes and opens you to a more tolerant and emphatic view and meeting you and your fellow human beings. As you meditate, imagine the color blue that flows through your body and holds chakra in your throat. An activated and harmonized neck chakra enables you to communicate clearly and lovingly with the intention of clearly communicating your view of things to the world.

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If you arrived at the frequency of 852 Hz Solfeggio, then meditate with the golden color. Let a golden ray flow through you, let everything that does not belong to you flow from your feet into the earth where it is dissolved by the earth – Thank you Mother Earth for this process. 852 Hz clears your third eye and strengthens your intuition. Your point of view is towards unity with everything that is, you are one step closer to a heartfelt love for you, your life and for your fellow human beings and everything around you. It is an unconditional love for all that is – everything has its place.

963 Hz Solfeggio leads you into the unity of the universe. We come out of unity and rejoin unity as we exit this body. Meditate with white light for a healing and intensifying effect, connecting you with your soul star chakra and with your soul.

All frequencies run one after the other to achieve the best possible effect. I therefore recommend listening to the recording several times but at least twice a day.

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Increase Your Self – Love and get in Touch with your Inner Child

Self-love – I enjoy my life – opening of the heart

It is my Intention to open your heart with this Healing Video Production. “Self-Love – Open your Heart” is made with uplifting music, Silent Subliminal Affirmations, Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Tone as well as Healing Energy.

Self-love is very important, it has nothing to do with the relentless immaturity and narcissism that many consider as self-worth. Self-love opens your heart and allows you to see the world through different eyes. Your path changes step by step with the recognition of what a wonderful person you are, through this you can gift this love to others.

Self-love is essential in our lives. If it is recognized and consciously lived, other topics in your life will be more harmonious. The relationship with others gets a new dimension with more respect and loving interaction, you can accept abundance in life. Abundance stands not only for wealth but love, health and happiness.


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Create Abundance, Wealth and Success

Create Abundance, Wealth and Success

Create abundance and wealth in your life

Having abundance means being in the flow, abundance comes in all sorts of forms in your life. Abundance in love, health, happiness, money, success, etc. Create abundance and wealth in your life with this recording. Change your vibration and open yourself to the abundance.

By listening to this recording you start a process that will change you forever. This process involves letting go of things, situations or people that are no longer part of your life phase. This personal growth is a normal process that every one goes through in his life.

Be aware of how you think about money, wealth, success and abundance. Where do you have blockages. What do you feel when you see someone with an expensive car? How do you see yourself as a wealthy person? What are you doing with an immeasurably big amount of money? Where do you want to live? Are you still the same person? Are you quitting your job and stop working at all or do you want to follow your passion? These and many other questions you should ask yourself. It is important that you recognize your blockages and let them go. Get support from a specialist who can be a coach, healer, trainer or psychiatrist.

Change your energy a little bit more every day

It is up to you to look at your topics and pattern. If you are well, then the energy flows much better. Treat yourself with some beautiful moments, do what you like to do and what you always wanted to do. Now is a super moment to finally go into a yoga class, learn to dance or build your meditations in your everyday life. Spend a lot of time in nature, which by the way, is also a kind of meditation.

You do not need to turn your life around right away

Try small steps. Changing a situation at your workplace does not always require quitting. It is part of your process that you commit to yourself, be assertive, prepare yourself for a situation and act out of your inner strength. The same goes for relationships with people, make your point clear, but also put yourself in the other person and give her the opportunity to change. The result holds so many surprises.

Be creative

The energy of creativity springs directly from your heart. The sacral chakra, which corresponds to creativity, is the triggering force. On the subject of Chakra, I would like to point out that a regular clarification and energizing of your chakras have supportive effect on your process.

What drives you? What makes your heart jump? It is these emotions that open your heart, from which you can draw to give your creativity a face. Creativity has different valves, it does not necessarily have to be painting, but it is something that we have already used as a child to express something. It is important to lock your inner critic for the moment in a chamber. Invite your inner child and draw on it or make what you like out of your inner self.

I recommend you to make a collage or to paint a picture by seeing yourself as rich and living in abundance.

You determine the speed of the process. Nothing can be forced and is determined solely by you.

I recommend that you listen to this recording regularly at least once or twice a day for 30 to 90 days, to change your world of thoughts and your awareness.

This recording contains healing frequencies (binaural beats), rife frequencies, subliminal affirmations and healing energy. Binaural Beats frequencies work best when heard with headphones. Light language is heard with the affirmations Subliminal.

Version Chill-out, also available is the meditation version and English language.

Do you need support in your process? You can find information here.

Visit the video on YouTube:

Download the mp3 here to have it available anytime.

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Find New Love – Attract your Perfect Soulmate

Find New Love – Attract your Perfect Soulmate

Everybody has Soulmates. They can be incarnated but also support you in a non bodily form. A soulmate relationship is a very healing and transforming relationship. It is a very deep connection between you and your soulmate.

This recording includes Solfeggio Frequencies of 417 Hz, 528 Hz and 639 Hz and Love Frequencies Binaural Beats.

Silent Affirmations and Healing Frequency.

Attract your Soulmate

This recording supports you in the healing of love, partnership, relationships.
My intention with this recording “Find Your Love – Attract Your Perfect Soulmate” is that you receive a lot of love from everywhere in your life.

Contained in the recording are healing frequencies, subliminal affirmations and a healing session. Binary frequencies work best when heard with headphones.

I recommend listening to this recording daily for at least 30 days or more, or if your intuition tells you to hear it.

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Download the offline version of this recording so you can listen to it without internet.

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What happens when I have negative energies or entities on me?

What happens when I have negative energies or entities on me?

Having negative energy in you is like having a parasite which feeds from your energy. It drains you out and uses you.

They can make you feel depressed and can lead you into a self-destructive behavior and you can fall into addictions. You can feel angry, sad, confused, hateful, greedy, jealous, manipulative, judgmental or fearful or it can feed your low self-esteem which even makes you feel much more miserable most of your life.

Having the experience, that you never get to your desired success in your life, whatever you start doing, something is holding you back on and on in so many ways. No matter if it was the recurring sicknesses, might be as small as they are, but still they drain your energy, or through your environment that makes you feel dis empowered

This MP3 has been produced to remove the negative energies and all its subcategories. It is a blend of Binaural Beats, Solfeggio Tones and Subliminal Affirmations. I have included Light Language and the Healing Intention of removing the negative energies, entities and terrestrial and extraterrestrial implants as well as filling the new empty space with light and loving energy.

You will gain back your natural beat frequency which will show in your life as a step by step healing.

I am open and willing to receive the healing coming from this recording
I am love and light energy
Perfect health is my divine right and I claim it now
I radiate energy and health

I remove the energy of negative entities and energy now and all the light beings will support me in this process.
All the negative entities and energies are removed from my body, my system, aura and light body with my love and light beam, now!
I am now free of all negative entities and energies. They are taken into the light.

I am love and light energy.
My frequency vibration is higher now that I am free of the energy that I no longer need.
I feel so uplifted and free.
I feel so much in ease and joy.

I am aware of that change of my vibration
To keep my frequency high, I will take care of my energy field every day
With daily meditation, high energy vibration food and the correct amount of water for my body
Drinking water flushes all the negative energies, that I no longer need, out of my body
I am that I am Christ consciousness
I am that I am Christ love
I am love
I Live out of Love and higher Light vibration
I am capable to lead my life successfully.
I am a powerful light being
I am safe and protected by Archangel Michael.
I will call on Archangel Michael and my personal spiritual Guide whenever I need them.
I will call upon the Angels, Fairies, Elves and Ascended Masters whenever I need support, and they are happy to guide me

I follow my very own intuition and the guidance of my higher self
I can trust my intuition as my guidance through life
I am protecting myself from harmful and negative energies every day with my best tools.
Only positive energy out of love and light is entering my system from now on.
My life is a positive experience, and I am letting wonderful and loving people into my life
I am high vibration
My mind, body and spirit operate in perfect harmony
I love exercising and I take good care of my body
I get good sleep every night and I get up fresh every morning.
I eat healthy, I stay healthy

All terrestrial and extraterrestrial implants are removed from my system now, in all my dimensions, time layers and existences
I send an immense beam of love and light into this process of the removal of the implant, as strong as an atomic bomb

I am now free of all implants from the past the present and the future and for all times and dimensions

I am safe of all terrestrial and extraterrestrial implants

I love myself and I am perfectly healthy
all past problems dissolve with ease

It is safe to grow up
All of life comes to me with ease, joy and happiness

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