Self-love – I enjoy my life – opening of the heart

It is my Intention to open your heart with this Healing Video Production. “Self-Love – Open your Heart” is made with uplifting music, Silent Subliminal Affirmations, Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Tone as well as Healing Energy.

Self-love is very important, it has nothing to do with the relentless immaturity and narcissism that many consider as self-worth. Self-love opens your heart and allows you to see the world through different eyes. Your path changes step by step with the recognition of what a wonderful person you are, through this you can gift this love to others.

Self-love is essential in our lives. If it is recognized and consciously lived, other topics in your life will be more harmonious. The relationship with others gets a new dimension with more respect and loving interaction, you can accept abundance in life. Abundance stands not only for wealth but love, health and happiness.

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Law of Attraction  Love

Law of Attraction Love

Did you already try out the Law of Attraction?

It cannot only be useful for money and abundance topics but also for love.

There’s a beautiful quote by Rumi, and it goes “The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, they’re in each other all along.” Rumi’s experience is true as my own: as soon as I was old enough to realise that two people could fall in love, I knew I had a beloved I was seeking. I talked to him in the moon. I talked to him in my toys. But mostly I talked to him in my heart.

Juxtaposed with the romantic “love at first sight” story we are fed as children is the more adult, cynical awareness that love doesn’t last, love isn’t for real, and love is often merely the first step towards a greater path of experiencing betrayal and heartache. These two conflicting mythologies are ingested by children in equal parts, the ease and grace of one mingled with the fear and tension of the other.

Little guidance is given to us how to distinguish between them, so that we know which one to choose, and by the time we are teens we are simply so hungry for love and acceptance that we seek love on any terms – even dangerous, destructive love. If you are reading this, perhaps you have already experienced love as heartache, and yet wish to return to the purer, simple form of love you remember from your childhood. If so, a very good question to ask yourself is: How is magic done? When you were a child, this might have been a question that entertained you. Magic, simply, is done thoughtlessly. It isn’t done by design or force – it is done with a blissful intention held in your body.

What distinguishes a love filled with ease and grace, and a love filled with tension and fear is that in the former, you are loved for who you are as a soul. It doesn’t matter what body you are in, what you look like, or what you did. On the other hand, a love filled with tension and fear is one where you are not loved for who you are as a soul, but for what you do, what you look like, and what sort of body you are in.

You know it’s the kind of love you can lose, and as such is no love at all. You already know that as a soul, you are much, so much more than your body. And as a soul you are also more, so much more than the sum of your actions in any one lifetime. Just like your thoughts aren’t your brain, nor are your actions you – thus you have a soul craving, on a very deep, pure level, to be loved for who you are as an elemental expression of life force and not for the products of one life.

Like a God, you want to be loved for who you are as a creator, and not for your creations. So the most powerful, magical step, you can take, in this upcoming journey of the laws of attraction and love is to identify with who you are as a soul – not with your actions, your looks, or anything else that you’ve created in this lifetime. You want to know, and feel, who you are, on your deepest, purest level possible, as a soul in your body. When you do this, the person (or persons) who will love you for who you are unconditionally (and whom you will love unconditionally in return) will simply be attracted into your life.

Loving yourself unconditionally will mean that you have the open eyes with which to recognise the gift. And when you know who you are, and you are faithful to that feeling, a day will simply come when you realise that the person you were looking for was in you all along. There is no separation, there is no “other” – there is simply love. When you spoke to your heart, they were listening to you.


Akasha Rose​ is an internationally sought after twin flame mentor and spiritual writer. She and her Cherokee husband offer private retreats on their forest farm for those wishing to start afresh from past experiences of trauma, anxiety, or insecurity, in a South Eastern corner of Australia, as well as international week-long seminars for those wishing to learn a new way to be. She designs her own line of spiritually inspired clothing Kundalini Revolution.

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