Wie funktioniert Fernheilung – Teil 4

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Christa erhielt Einblicke in die unterschiedlichsten Facetten des Lebens, als sie 20 Jahre lang als Flugbegleiterin die Welt bereiste. Der Blick hinter den Schleier war kein Erwachen, sondern eine Erkenntnis dessen, was sie schon immer war. Ihre Geschichte des Heilens und Lernens und der Weg in ihre eigene Meisterschaft führt sie zur Absicht, die Herzen ihrer Mitmenschen zu öffnen und sie zurück in ihr eigenes Bewusstsein zu führen.

24. März 2018

Wie funktioniert Fernheilung – Teil 4

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This Article is Part 3 of 4 Articles

Healing can take place with an increased Energy Level

Many alternative therapies and treatments alter the level of our energy into higher vibrations. During a Massage, our body can rest and our muscle tension decreases, which can help in the healing process. There are many therapeutic treatments like Hypnosis, Reiki and other forms of Healing, where you are able to dive into a deep relaxation, Craniosacral Therapy, Osteopathic Therapy or have you tried a Access Bars Treatment? Many more Treatments exist that are not mentioned here.

Sleep does recover you every night

Sleep is a form of natural healing for us, during this time, our whole body system is being recovered as all of our body functions are working in a slower rhythm than in an awakened state. Our Vibration is in a Delta wavelength which can also be reached through meditation and hypnosis. Have you ever heard about Binaural Beats? They aim at the stimulation of your brainwaves with the desired wavelength like gamma, beta, alpha, theta, delta, the all support a different stimulation to our brain from awake and learning supportive to the deepest level of relaxation in a trance level meditation. More about Binaural Beats are written in this article. If you want to try out the binaural beats and how your body reacts on it, you can download a short binaural beats mediation music here. So when we sleep, our body reorganizes, which is the reason for our dreams when we sleep. This whole process brings us into a higher vibration.

Increasing your Vibration can also be done by eating high level food and supplements will support a detoxification process. With high level food, I mean the less processed the higher the vibration, organic nutrition is mostly vibrating on a higher level when you look at an animal product where the animals are being held in a natural environment, where as animals with little living space will have much more stress hormones in their body. Alcoholic beverages will open up your body for lower energies as well as an increased intake of sugar products. Nothing speaks against having a glass of wine or beer or whatever you prefer as well as some nice treat from time to time, it is all a matter of quantity which makes the quality. The higher your vibration will be, the less your body and mind will crave for these low level products, this is the easiest way to change your habits.

Your body will gain extra elasticity in your muscle fibers which will help our body to increase the efficiency of the nervous energy moving through our body. Doing sports will increase the level of “happy making” hormones in your body like serotonin and dopamine, your stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin will decrease. Only 20 minutes easy running will get you to this point, where you can get access to a higher vibration.

Increasing our Vibration will change our conditioned pattern

When we participate in any of these methods that help us increasing our vibration, our conditioned pattern of use of energy will be changed. Our mind comes to a standstill for a moment and healing in mind happens, where the root of the problems lie. The mind will be reorganized which allows us to move energy blocks and physical healing can take place.

In a therapy, this can take place, when your mind goes still for a longer time or over a regular time. When the body works on a lower level of vibration it is possible, that your body will only repair the damages of the day during sleep and degeneration can take place. Regular Meditation practice can support the increasing of the vibration of your body. When we detach from our mind, and our mind-voice does not entertain our personality, healing can take place immediately. To entertain our personality with our mind-voice, we need a lot of energy which is ready to increase our vibration, when we cease that flow. Not only an acceleration of our vibration can take place but also self-realization can be reached easier.

During the process of a regular meditation, you will get more clarity with the increased level of vibration. When we get still, there is no sense of time and we have reached the speed of light. When we are as one, transformation from matter to energy physically happens. When we attach to the energy of a healer at a healing session or a distance healing session, we are being put in this still state that causes healing and transformation.

The Universe gave us the capability to heal ourselves

Energy is everywhere around us and in us. We all have access to this energy and are capable of using it. Why shouldn’t we, as an unlimited being not be able to heal ourselves? Times are over, when we needed to go to a Guru or when only a few people got access to the universal truth.

When we access awareness through meditation and other forms of quieting our mind, we can better detach from the physical world and understand the wholeness of our being. This gives us the ability to see our existence from a larger point of view

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This post is also available in: English