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Your Knowledge is Needed Right Now

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The Universe wants to remind you that you’re an infinite creature. You already have eons of lifetimes behind you, and now you’ve reached your time to pass on your knowledge in this life. Every person is unique and so it is also with your knowledge, what you can pass on to your fellow man, no one else can create. Connect with your higher self by centrering, which can be made through meditation. Meditating doesn’t mean you have to sit in a room, although you always can if you choose to do so. You can center yourself by going to nature alone and letting your thoughts move on. Then you’ll be able to receive. The difference between messages from the universe, the higher self, the angels, etc. and the ego is, that these messages from the ego are mostly fraught with doubts and fears.

What would you like to receive today, that allows you to create something of your own, that you and others can bring more joy, happiness and abundance into all of your life’s? Anything that doesn’t allow that, do you destroy and uncreate it now?

In Turn, look on the card, which addresses you at the top, the positive section as well as the bottom:

Lemurian knowledge, expansion of consciousness, increase of vibrational frequency, sensitivity, mediality, communication of the heart, serenity, connection heaven with earth, self-reflection

But also: insecurity, blocks, abuse of power, manipulation, confusing of ego messages with spiritual messages



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