Silent Subliminals

Bestelle Deine ganz persönlichen Affirmationen

Your very personal Silent Subliminal

Order your personal Silent Subliminal with me, spoken by me. I would like to know a bit about you and about the topic you desire to have the affirmations from. Please contact me and we will discuss further. Silent Subliminals can be ordered with or without background music. The style of the background music can be chosen.

As an example, you can listen to my example on my YouTube Channel. I have attached a background music, but keep in mind that you want to hear the Silent Subliminal several times a day. You can hear them, for example, while you’re at work, and just as well listen to your own music.

You can find more information about Silent Subliminals here.

A Personal Silent Subliminal Recording: CHF 65.-





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