20 Strategies on how to master your challenges

How do you overcome your life challenges? The way we overcome the challenges in our life are acquired but also a part of our character. The good thing is that our brain is a muscle that can be trained. I have gathered together 20 strategies that should help you in an easy way to master your life challenges.

Portaltag 8. September 2019

Wie wende ich Solfeggio Frequenzen an? Finde einige Antworten zu Deinen Fragen in diesem Artikel.

How often can I listen to the Solfeggio frequencies?

How do I use Solfeggio frequencies? Find some answers to your questions in this article.

Portal Days – Support you in your transformation

Portal days have different impact on our body, mind and soul. They challenge us to adapt to the vibration of the earth, which is increasing more and more. This adaptation to the vibration of our earth takes place through a transformation of our being, our body and our spirit with the connection to our soul, which accompanies and supports us through this process.

Third Eye Open – Access to Your Intuition

The Third Eye allows us to look “behind the curtain”. The 6th chakra is the center of Universal Wisdom, it wants to know the truth behind everything by which we cross the boundaries of duality (transcendence).

638 Hz & 528 Hz Heilung mit Meisterin Maria

Aktiviere Dein inneres weibliche Wissen, verbinde Dich mit Deiner inneren Mutter, Deinen weiblichen Ahnen. Heile Deine uralten karmischen Wunden und Verletzungen für eine neue Lebensqualität in Deinem Leben.

Geführte Meditationen